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Conversations that Matter Podcast: The Power of Giving

June 14, 2023

John Bromley, our Founder and CEO, talked to Stuart McNish from the Conversations that Matter Podcast about generosity and how we at Charitable Impact are helping nurture and cultivate the power of giving by enabling Canadians of any age and income level to centralize, organize and plan their giving. Bromley explained that our Impact Account works […]

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Green Bull Radio Podcast: Investing in Impact: The Intersection of Philanthropy and ESG

June 07, 2023

Our Founder and CEO, John Bromley, talked to Kendall Titchener from the Green Bull Radio podcast about how philanthropy can become a valuable asset when engaging ESG strategies, how to streamline and humanize it, what the future looks like for ESG and Philanthropy, and why at Charitable Impact our focus is to help democratize the […]

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In The News

Canada’s Podcast: Transforming how Canadians experience giving

April 21, 2023

What is charity literacy, and why is it important to transform how Canadians experience giving? What is a donor-advised fund, and is it for everyone?  Céline Williams from Canada’s Podcast sat down with John Bromley, our Founder and CEO, to discuss how his entrepreneurial journey led to creating Charitable Impact, a donor-centered organization that serves […]

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