The most cost-effective way to give in Canada

Impact Account

Free to open and use

Charitable Impact doesn’t charge sign-up or transaction fees for Impact Accounts, and no fees are charged on the balance in your account.

Processing fees from banks and credit card companies

Banks and credit card companies charge charities, including Charitable Impact, a fee to process donations. If you use a credit card to donate, the fee is 2.8%. We recover this fee when you send a gift to charity from your Impact Account.

More money can get to charity when you give with Charitable Impact

Our credit card processing fee is lower when compared to most charities because we process higher volumes of donations. This means that more money can get to charities when you give from your Impact Account.

Processing fees don't affect your tax receipt

You'll receive a tax receipt for 100% of the amount you add to your Impact Account.

How can I see how much the processing fee is for my gift?

You'll see the specific processing fee charged by banks and credit card companies when you send a gift to charity from your Impact Account.

Learn more about fees

Charitable investment and non-cash assets

With Charitable Impact, you can choose to Donate & Invest, Donate & Give, or do a combination of both. In each case, you can take advantage of immediate tax benefits while enjoying more time and space to plan your impact.

Donate & Invest

Donate and invest a wide range of assets using a Charitable Investment Account, potentially growing the value over time while you decide which charities to support.

Donate & Give

Donate non-cash assets and liquidate them now to fund your Impact Account, where you can give to the charities of your choice whenever you like.

Securities, cash, and more

We accept a wide range of assets for donation:

  • Cash
  • Publicly-traded securities
  • Private company shares
  • Life insurance
  • Real estate

Charitable Investment Account fees

Charitable Impact offers the lowest cost of any advisory-managed donor-advised fund in Canada. Fees do not impact the tax receipt, which is determined by the fair market value of the assets at the time of donation.

Annual fee
Contact Charitable Impact for details

Our fee is collected quarterly and is based on the average of the opening and closing market value of the Charitable Investment Account balance each quarter. Our fee is charged in addition to any fees charged directly by financial advisors.

Get in touch for specific information about fees for donations of private company shares, life insurance, and real estate.