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Cause Funds

Welcome to the future of charitable giving

Cause Funds are blazing a trail to transform how Canadians give, and changemakers like you are leading the charge.

Cause Funds address a common roadblock for donors: they know what they care about but are unsure where to channel their support. By pooling resources, wisdom, and expertise, donors can confidently and effectively support the causes they care about and trust every dollar will achieve its maximum potential.

Join forces with a powerhouse team of experts, leaders, and changemakers to break down silos and drive tangible, measurable change. 

Cause Funds need changemakers like you to revolutionize the world of giving

Whether you lead, advise, manage, donate, or simply care deeply, this is your opportunity to be the change you want to see in the world.

Champion your cause: Gain a powerful platform backed by expert advice and support from our team to elevate your cause and amplify your voice.
Collaborate with experts: Connect, collaborate, and strive for common goals within a community of like-minded individuals.
Inspire donor confidence: Build trust and awareness through transparency and measurable impact, getting the best return on your investment. 

A fresh approach for measurable change

What needs to be done to bring about genuine progress and tangible change? And who’s poised to make it happen? Cause Funds kick off with a network of experts, changemakers, and people with lived experience who tackle these questions and create a roadmap for maximum impact.

How do Cause Funds work?

Cause Funds are powered by the Charitable Impact Donor-Advised Fund, at no cost, and supported by expert advice and assistance from our team.


Cause Funds begin with an impassioned changemaker devoted to a cause. Recognizing the challenges that stand in the way of progress, they’re determined to clear a path for cause supporters to take action.


The Advisory Council is formed. A network of subject matter experts, advocates, and those with lived experience in a causal area unite and get to work.


The Advisory Council establishes a goal—what needs to be done to move a cause forward—and determines the priority actions needed to create measurable change.


With the greatest needs identified, the Advisory Council selects a network of high-impact charities and qualified donees who are ready to tackle the toughest challenges.


The Cause Fund enables generous Canadians to discover and confidently support the causes they care about. 


We're big on accountability around here. Transparency inspires trust and confidence in donors. Impact data is gathered regularly and reported back to donors so they can see the impact and progress of their support.

To learn more and get involved, please contact:

Kevin Moorhead & Haley Turner-Collinge
Cause Funds Team