Turn off and tune in for Earth Hour

Stories | March 27, 2020
Woman dancing with green ribbon

Looking for ideas on how to spend Earth Hour this year? Turn off and tune out to connect with how you can change the world. 

Earth Hour has been turning the lights out since 2007 and now has supporters in nearly 200 countries around the world. The event, launched by the World Wildlife Fund, calls on everyone to turn off their lights on March 28th between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. in an act for the planet. The hour without light is meant to inspire a personal movement and daily actions to combat climate change, protect the environment, and preserve wildlife. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are already practicing a kind of switching off. In places across North America and Europe, restaurants, bars, movie theaters have shuttered. Shows have been cancelled and flights grounded. 

Many people around the world are practicing social distancing, isolation, or quarantining. The organizers of Earth Hour are urging participants this year to stay home, and participate digitally if they choose. 

Many of us are at home, perhaps constantly looking to our screens for information, updates, and connection. One thought: Let’s take that one Earth Hour on Saturday, March 28th to turn off and tune out. Can you take the time to connect to what drives you towards change?

Tune in to what lights you up

Earth Hour is intended to allow time to focus on the impact we are each having on the planet, and what actions we can take to improve our environment. According to the website the event “aims to spark global conversations on protecting nature not only to combat the climate crisis, but to ensure our own health, happiness, prosperity and even survival.”

Likely for most, this year’s Earth Hour is happening during a stark break from regular routines. It could be time to simply think about what drives you and what you value. This is a good strategy for facing a strange and temporary new normal. It could offer a roadmap of actions towards wellbeing for when everyday life resumes. 

Earth Hour activities, offline and online

Still need more inspo? The Earth Hour blog has a great list of 20 ideas for how you can spend the hour. You can have a silent disco or camp out in your living room with family, or practice some meditation or night photography. 

If you want to take the hour to connect online, there are plenty of options. You can take quizzes to test your nature knowledge. There will be livestreams, social media updates under the hashtag #EarthHour, and, of course, TikTok dance challenges

Looking for ways to support the environment as a donor? We have put together a list of organizations and charities fighting for the planet

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