Top 10 Climate Change Charities in Canada

April 08, 2024
5 min read

Kelsey Janz

The world is getting hotter and many Canadian donors are eager to help, but choosing how and where to lend support can be intimidating. Explore ten Canadian charities working to combat the climate crisis head-on.

Feeling the heat of the climate crisis? You’re not alone. Canada is warming at an alarming rate—more than double the global average. These increasing temperatures are impacting our businesses and communities and already costing Canadian households billions.

The climate emergency continues to change life on Earth as we know it, making itself known through extreme weather events, wildfires, drought, food insecurity, dying ecosystems, and much more. No doubt, climate change is a monumental challenge. But your actions matter, and your support is more powerful than you think. Each contribution, no matter what size, holds the potential to drive meaningful change.


How to Choose a Climate Change Charity

The climate emergency is complex and intimidating, and choosing the best environmental charities to support presents its challenges. There’s no silver-bullet solution, but taking the time to research and evaluate can help to ensure your support reaches trustworthy and impactful hands. Proactively seek out information to pinpoint which Canadian charities reflect your vision for change. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions, and learn from those who have dedicated their lives to this cause. 

Unsure where to begin? With a free Impact Account, you can add funds to your account and take the time you need to plan how and where to make an impact. When you feel ready and informed, give to the Canadian registered charity that resonates with you. 

Circle Acts shared their list of top Canadian charities working to combat climate change—a valuable starting point in your journey to effecting positive change.


Top 10 Canadian Climate Change Charities

According to Circle Acts


The Climate Reality Project Canada

Founded by former U.S. President Al Gore, this organization is dedicated to educating Canadians about the science, effects, and solutions to climate change. With over 1,470 Canadian Climate Reality Leaders and a mission to empower grassroots action, they’re leading the charge in raising awareness and driving change.

Be The Change Earth Alliance

Since 2005, this organization has been inspiring and equipping young people to take action for a fair, resilient, and sustainable society. By providing eco-social education materials and seminars to schools across British Columbia, they’re shaping the environmental leaders of tomorrow.


Formerly known as the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, SeedChange has been supporting family farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture for over 75 years. Through partnerships and advocacy, they’re combating climate change and food insecurity while championing the rights of farmers worldwide.

The Gaia Project

With a focus on youth education, The Gaia Project is empowering the next generation to combat climate change. By reaching thousands of students through hands-on learning experiences, they’re fostering environmental stewardship and shaping a more sustainable future.

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship

Run by youth, for youth, FES is dedicated to building a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future. Through mentoring, education, and advocacy, they’re empowering young people to lead the charge in addressing climate change.

The Charitree Foundation

Committed to environmental education for children, The Charitree Foundation promotes nature appreciation and tree-planting initiatives. By providing trees to schools and children’s groups across Canada and beyond, they’re sowing the seeds for a greener tomorrow.

Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future

Founded in 1970, this organization is dedicated to creating a more environmentally friendly city of Edmonton. Through advocacy and community engagement, they’re driving positive change in urban planning and transportation.

International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC)

ICFC collaborates with regional groups to protect critical habitats around the world. By safeguarding millions of hectares of vital ecosystems, they’re making a significant impact on climate resilience and species preservation.

Ecology Action Centre (EAC)

For over 50 years, EAC has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy in Nova Scotia. From biodiversity conservation to climate action, they’re committed to creating a more sustainable society through education and activism.

Coastal Action

Founded in 1993, Coastal Action is dedicated to environmental protection and restoration along Canada’s coastlines. Through research, education, and community involvement, they’re working to address climate change impacts such as stormwater management and habitat restoration.