Meet our Impact Ambassadors

October 06, 2020
3 min read

Caroline Dobuzinskis

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing Content

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We are connecting donors to experts and community leaders who are featuring a suite of high-impact charities you can give to.

Find causes that inspire and charities that make a difference. 

You want to be generous but don’t always know where to give. That’s where we come in

We recently partnered with Canadian changemakers and community leaders to help you get to know charities and causes. You can easily give with confidence through Impact Portfolios: charities hand-picked by our Impact Ambassadors for their proven ability to drive change.

Impact Ambassadors are passionate leaders in their fields and topics. Their combined expertise spans a diverse range including: food security, seniors, environmental sustainability, community and housing support, accessibility and inclusion. 

To bolster the selection process, we have partnered with a savvy group of student researchers and analysts. Some Impact Portfolios have been developed with, or solely by, a team of analysts with the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University from the Vancouver Social Value Fund and Social Innovation Academy programs.

More Impact Ambassadors are joining us each week, empowering you to discover where you can make an impact. If you think you or someone you know someone who might be a great Impact Ambassador, we want to hear from you. Individuals can submit their own contact information to apply to be Impact Ambassadors, an opportunity to bring the spotlight to issues and causes they care about. 

Want to learn more? We have profiled some of these highly informed and inspiring Impact Ambassadors on our blog. Follow the links below to hear their stories.

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At Charitable Impact, we are always here to support your giving, your way. If you feel inspired to create an impact, then Charitable Impact is here for you. With our free Impact Account, you can support all of your favourite causes from one place. Sign up for a free account today to get started!