Make giving a family matter

How To | May 1, 2018

“Charitable giving can’t just happen during the holidays. Choose a few times a year to get involved in charity, and then it will become ingrained. ”  Jen Schaeffers, Mom of two

Every parent wants to raise children who are kind, giving and responsible. Here at Charitable Impact, we understand that when youth are taught about giving, and empowered to make their own decisions, they’re better able to become engaged citizens who contribute consistently and positively to society.

But how do you go about empowering children to start thinking, feeling and acting like philanthropists?

Here are a few ideas you can do to be more charitable as a family:

Powerful pocket money.
Set up a weekly Charitable Allowance for your kids. They could do extra chores around the house to earn more money for their funds, and you can help them decide which charities should receive the money.

Give together.
Start a family Giving Group, which you can run like your very own family foundation. You can add the money and have your kids weigh in on where it goes. Or get them to add in from their own funds and they’ll feel even more involved.

Mark the days.
Take advantage of special awareness days or campaigns to teach your kids about those causes. On Earth Day, for example, you could invite family members to join your Giving Group and pledge support if you all promise to avoid using electricity.

Table topics.
Pick one night a week where you talk about a notable issue over dinner. Hunger, homelessness, mental illness, cancer: get your kids to think what their lives might be like if they were affected by any of these topics. What would they want people to do for them? How could they help others? How can they create an impact through charitable giving?

Charity really does start at home. Families that give together, have a higher likelihood of raising children who are kind, giving and responsible.

How does your family make giving a part of everyday living?  Let the CHIMP team know on your favourite social channel! #givetogether

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