Inspirational podcasts that will make you want to give

July 17, 2019
4 min read

Katie McCourt

Digital Content Specialist

Image of phone playing inspirational podcast

What inspires you to give to the causes you care about? 

We are often inspired by the personal stories of those that have been through tough situations. Or, by the actions of people that have done remarkable things to help others. Podcasts are an amazing way to communicate these personal stories, and to educate listeners or inspire them to think differently. Here are five of our favourite inspirational podcasts that we think you will enjoy. Warning: they might inspire you to create an impact!

Five Inspirational Podcasts:

1 – Crackdown Podcast

Podcast art for the podcast Crackdown

Crackdown is a monthly podcast about drugs and drug policy, specifically focussing on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Each episode tells the story of a community, and of individuals, that are fighting for their lives. This moving podcast explores finding solutions, saving lives, and what we can do to change the situation. There are a number of organizations that work tirelessly to advocate for those living with drug addictions, or to give them a safe place to go. You could consider donating to a homeless shelter in your hometown. Or, another option is to donate food, clothes, and other useful items to a food bank.


2 – The Social Impact Podcast – Your Mark on the World with Devin Thorpe

Headshot of Devan Thorpe, presenter of the inspirational podcast 'Your Mark on the World'In this inspirational podcast, host Devin Thorpe interviews CEO’s, celebrities, social entrepreneurs and impact investors. Each episode features a different interview and a different person’s life story, giving you a clear insight into how different people have overcome adversity in their lives, and what they are doing now to create a positive impact on the causes they care about.


3 – Sustainababble Podcast

Podcast art for the Sustainababble Podcast

Sustainababble is a weekly comedy podcast about the environment. A topical and funny podcast, they discuss environmental issues and sift through all the ‘babble’ out there to try and understanding the environmental issues we are facing today. If you are interested in sustainability and finding new ways to help protect the environment, then this is a great podcast for you. Feel inspired to give back to the environment? Check out these top environmental charities in Canada.

4 – The Hilarious World of Depression Podcast

Podcast Art for the Hilarious World of Depression

Depression is incredibly common, and is experienced by millions of people globally. However, it is still often stigmatized by society. The Hilarious World of Depression is a series of conversations with comedians who have lived with depression, and discussions around how they have dealt with it. This very personal insight is inspiring, and will leave you with a desire to help the cause! Feel inspired to support a mental health charity? Check out these top mental health charities in Canada.

5 – Do More Good Podcast

Podcast art for the show 'Do More Good'

Do More Good is a series of light-hearted conversations on professional development, the charity sector and individuals who are doing good in the world. Listen to feel inspired by the actions people are taking to make an impact, and to create positive change to the causes that they care about. 


Have any of these inspirational podcasts motivated you to give back to the causes you care about? If so, Charitable Impact is here to support you! When you sign-up for a free Impact Account, you will be able to support all your favourite causes, all from one place. With an Impact Account, you can send money to any of the 85,000 + charities in Canada, and get an instant tax receipt.