How to involve children in charitable giving

September 10, 2018
3 min read

Katie McCourt

Digital Content Specialist

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Here at Charitable Impact, we believe it’s never too early to involve your children in charitable giving. We all have causes we believe in or changes we would like to see, and what better way to achieve this than to raise the next generation to be kind, compassionate and generous?

Giving charitably as a family can teach children how good it feels to give, and empower them to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Here are a few suggestions we think might encourage your children to become young philanthropists and make an impact:

1 – Be open and lead by example

Be the best role model you can be for your children. If there are issues and causes that you care about, then your children will care as well. Actively discuss world problems you are passionate about to increase their understanding. Turn interest into action and involve them when you make charitable donations.

2 – Help fundraise

Help your children think up fundraising ideas such as setting up a lemonade stand, or selling old clothes and toys at a garage sale. They can donate the money and maybe even keep a few dollars themselves! If it’s fun and enjoyable, they will want to do it again in the future.

3 – Work together

Show them that when we work together we can make even more of a difference. If your kids decide to make a donation – match it! With Charitable Impact you can set up a Giving Group for you and your family so you can easily track your contributions.

4 – Purposeful acts of kindness

Whether it’s checking in on an elderly neighbour or making a donation to a food bank, consistent acts of kindness can show your children how their actions can have a positive impact on the lives of others.

5 – Make special occasions charitable

Why not encourage your child to ask friends and family to make charitable donations for their next birthday? Involve them in the process of choosing a cause so they can engage and understand the positive impact they could have. Set up a Giving Group on Charitable Impact so friends and family can easily donate and clearly track the amount raised.

Children are the future so let’s do our best to make it a great one! We’d love to hear how you’ve encouraged your children get involved with charitable donations #charitymatters