How it works

The donor-advised fund for everyone

Charitable Impact operates as a donor-advised fund. In short, this means you can manage all of your charitable giving from a single account, which we call the Impact Account.

When you add money to your Impact Account, you're actually making a donation to CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada), a registered charity and public foundation. It's why you get a tax receipt after adding money. The funds you add stay in your account until you decide you'd like to send gifts to charities, Giving Groups, and other people on Charitable Impact.

Get started

Opening a free Impact Account takes about 5 minutes.

Impact Account highlights

Rediscover how good it feels to give

An Impact Account offers you the time and space to think about the change you want to make in the world, give joyfully, and say 'no' to fundraising requests peacefully.

Show or hide your contact information

You can give to charities and Giving Groups with full recognition or without sharing your name and contact details.

Discover new charities and find your favourites

See a list of charities and Giving Groups that you might be interested in and learn more about what they do, or easily search for familiar favourites.

Give automatically

If you'd like, easily schedule monthly deposits into your account and set up monthly charitable gifts to others.

Give together

Join or start a Giving Group

With a Giving Group, multiple people can combine forces, pool or raise money, and support one or more charities together.

Send friends charitable dollars that they can give away

From birthday presents, to children's allowances, to "thank you" gifts, sending charitable dollars to friends and family is a great way to inspire those around you to give.


Here to help

Phone, email, or chat with our team any time you need help, want more information, or have a question about making the most of your giving.

Get more of your money to charity

It's free to open and use an Impact Account. And, more money can get to charity when you give with Charitable Impact.

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Safe and secure

Strong security

We use the same security and encryption as online banks to keep your information safe and protect your privacy.

Accountable impact

Our financial records are audited every year by MNP, a leading accounting firm.

Experienced team

Our staff, board members, and advisors are experts in charitable giving, charity law, and technology.

Inspiring the next generation

Education plays a key role in inspiring the next generation to give. 2 out of 3 Canadians who actively give to charities today were exposed to conversations about charity early in their lives.

Charitable Impact develops programs for schools and youth sports to help children understand the act of giving, and how their decisions and actions can create change.

At school

The Charitable Allowance Program for education invests in the development and empowerment of future donors in the classroom. Led by teachers or parents, this program helps young people connect with their community to raise funds with others to support causes of their choice.

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At play

The Play Better program for sports encourages coaches and parents to use charitable rewards to change the game of youth sports. This program rewards players with charitable dollars when they reach training goals set by themselves and their coaches.

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Create the change you want to see in the world.

Opening a free Impact Account takes about 5 minutes.