How to Activate Recurring Donations to Your Giving Group or Campaign

How To | August 25, 2015

According to a recent survey by Tangerine, 62% of millennials and 50% of Canadians aged 35-54 have a carefree attitude about spending in the summertime, with food, drink, entertainment and vacations taking the bulk of their increased budget.

All of which makes for a fun summer, but one that can limit spending in other areas — the kind of spending that fuels the spirit and the causes we care about. Studies have shown that spending money on others makes us feel good. But only if we actually do it regularly.

Now you can help your supporters feel good regularly by ensuring they’re able to contribute to the causes they value.

Encouraging Recurring Donations on Chimp

Chimp has always given individuals the option to make recurring donations into their accounts, and recurring gifts to the charities of their choice.

Now they can take that a step further and support on-going fundraisers every month. Chimp now gives Campaign and Giving Group administrators the option to turn on on-going donations, so your supporters can give automatically every month. And then get on with enjoying their summer holidays.

How to Set up Recurring Donations to Giving Groups and Campaigns

Recurring donations are particularly useful for long-term Campaigns (running over at least several months) and on-going Giving Groups in which participants fundraise regularly (book clubs, support raising, family Giving Groups, etc.)

If you’re the administrator for an on-going Giving Group or long-term Campaign, you must turn on the option to set up a monthly donation in your page settings, as this option is not turned on by default.

Then, spread the word and encourage your supporters to set up a monthly donation toward your cause.

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