Holiday giving ideas

December 14, 2018
2 min read

Katie McCourt

Digital Content Specialist

Give the gift of charity

Did you know that roughly 30% of all annual giving happens in December? The holidays are a great time to think about the causes that matter most to you, and how you can make an impact through charitable giving.

If you’d like to end your year on a high note by raising money for a good cause with your friends, family or coworkers, then here are a few fun holiday giving ideas to get you started:

Ugly sweater contest

It’s time to get out those wonderful holiday sweaters! Start by setting up a Giving Group on Charitable Impact. To enter the contest, ask your friends, family or coworkers to make a contribution to your Giving Group. The person with the best holiday sweater wins, and gets to decide which charity to support with the money raised.

Secret Santa

Stuck for gift ideas for secret Santa? You can use Charitable Impact to give the gift of charity by sending a friend charity dollars. They can then choose which charity they would like to donate their money too, and feel great in knowing that they have made a difference to a good cause.

Homemade card sale

If you enjoy arts and crafts, then why not get creative and make some festive holiday cards? Sell the cards, and donate the money raised to the charity of your choice on Charitable Impact.

Holiday bake sale

Spend an evening baking holiday treats to sell at the office. Your co-workers won’t be able to resist some gingerbread, or mince pies. In exchange for a treat, ask for donations to your holiday Giving Group.

Gingerbread house decorating competition

Go head-to-head with your friends to see who has the best gingerbread house decorating skills. To enter the competition, ask for donations to a Giving Group. The person with the best decorated gingerbread house wins, and gets to decide where the money should go.

What have you been doing to raise money this holiday season? We’d love to hear from you – get in touch at @wearecharitable!