Share some #GivingSeasonJoy this year

November 23, 2020
6 min read

Caroline Dobuzinskis

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing Content

Hand holding up a flower, text says joy of giving

Charitable Impact is giving $20 charitable dollars to your favourite people for joining you in giving on our platform. And, to thank you for sharing the joy of giving, you can win up to $1,500 charitable dollars!

When November rolls around here at Charitable Impact, we think of giving season. That doesn’t mean we immediately start putting on our ugly sweaters and setting up holiday decorations (okay, maybe some of us do).

We are definitely preparing for one of our busiest seasons. That’s because donors tend to give more in November and December than at any other time in the year. According to data from Imagine Canada, those 2 months account for about 40% of the total amount in donations Canadians give each year. 

Giving in 2020

This year is unique. A recent Angus Reid Institute poll (in partnership with Charitable Impact and other organizations) found many Canadians have felt the need to cut back on their charitable giving. Some are experiencing grave economic challenges. Others may be holding off on giving while facing a period of uncertainty. 

We empathize with these challenges, which can’t by any means be summed up in a sentence of a blog post. Our gratitude extends to all those who have shown generosity and kindness this year. 

We want to thank you for any action you have taken for others. Generosity feels good—it’s scientifically proven. This giving season, we are hoping to give generosity a boost by helping you share the joy of giving. 

It’s time for #GivingSeasonJoy

It is our mission to increase generosity by empowering more donors to give in ways that are meaningful to them. Not to mention, it’s the season and we want to make it shine. That’s why we are launching our #GivingSeasonJoy campaign and giveaway contest. Here is how it works…

If you have an Impact Account with us, you can send your friends, family & loved ones $20 charitable gift cards—on us!* You can start spreading the warm glow of giving today by filling out up to 3 email addresses on this form to receive e-gift cards for charitable dollars. We will automatically give $20 charitable dollars to those who claim the offer by opening a new Impact Account. (*Please note: this offer is only applicable to new users and will not be applied to those with existing Impact Accounts). 

For every new Impact Account you refer to us, you will be entered into a draw to win up to $1,500 charitable dollars to give away. And, we will be giving away prizes of $100 charitable dollars every weekday! We will send you an email to let you know when someone you referred to us has opened a new Impact Account and claimed their $20 e-gift card. If an individual you referred to us already has an Impact Account, not a problem. We’ll let you know. You can fill out the email submission form as many times as you would like. 

Plus, you can get 5 more more contest entries by setting up a monthly deposit to your Impact Account (see more info below). By setting up a monthly deposit, you are investing in your vision of a brighter future. See instructions below for more details on how to make that happen and increase your chances of winning up to $1,500 charitable dollars! 

Get started today and start spreading that #GivingSeasonJoy!

*Full list or rules and regulations can be found here. 

Set up a monthly deposit for more chances to win

If you feel inspired to make your giving a habit, we are giving you 5 contest entries when you set up a monthly deposit to your account. Not only will you get more chances to win, but you will be setting aside money for your most generous future. When you set up a monthly deposit to your Impact Account, you can set it and forget it—knowing you will have money available to give when you feel inspired or when there is the greatest need. 

To set up a monthly deposit:

1. Log in to your account and select give from your homepage. 

2. Select “Add money” and enter the amount you’d like to add to your account every month. A good tip is to think of an annual giving goal you would like to achieve and divide that amount by 12.

3. If applicable, select the account to which you’d like to add money. If you are on your desktop computer, click “Repeat monthly” and then choose the day you’d like your deposit to process. On the iOS app, you will select “Frequency”, then choose the day you’d like your deposit to process. 

4. IMPORTANT NOTE: To receive your 5 contest entries, you will need to add the hashtag #GivingSeasonJoy to the “Notes to self” section so we can flag your account update (see below). Finally, select a payment method and hit “Continue”. 

Enter the hashtag #GivingSeasonJoy in the notes to self section


Need any support? You can email [email protected], call (1-877-531-0580), or chat (

Let’s share the joy of giving together! We wish you the best of luck.