How to access your most generous future

October 15, 2020
5 min read

Charitable Impact

We all have something to give. Creating a giving habit can be an effective approach to giving more—and in a way that is more strategic and meaningful.

Wondering how you can build your most generous future? Read on.

We know that circumstances can change and with rising interest rates and expenses during this inflationary period, this year has been an exercise in operating under trying times. When you set aside money for giving each month, you can be more certain to have funds when you feel inspired to give, when a cause is pulling strongly at your heartstrings, or when you feel there is the greatest need.

When a crisis or inspiration strikes, you will know that you have the funds in place to make a difference. That in itself can bring some peace of mind.

Research shows those who give regularly throughout the year, give more than those who give once per year. Did you know that, to be among the most generous Canadians, you need to set aside just under 1% of your income to charitable giving?

Our own research found the nationwide average on charitable giving sits at 0.6% of income. If you can, take a step today to join the ranks of the most generous people in Canada by setting up a monthly deposit to your Impact Account. Quick tip: You could start with a number amount you can afford and would like to achieve as a giving goal, then divide it by 12.

You’ve got a friend in your Impact Account, one that encourages your most generous side. If you’re a well-meaning but forgetful giver, think of an automatic monthly deposit as a loyal friend who provides a good influence on your life. Giving makes us feel joyful and can even contribute positively to our overall health.

Your Impact Account is on your side to help you build your most generous future. And you won’t ever need to buy it lunch or pick it up from the airport.

By setting aside money in your Impact Account, you have the ability to invite others to give. You can send charitable gifts to friends, family, and colleagues as holiday or birthday presents.

Sending charitable dollars from your account can even be a thoughtful way to say thanks. Did a colleague or a neighbour do you a favour? You can send them charitable dollars via email for them to claim and give to a cause they care about. Pay it forward and keep the warm glow going.

By setting up a monthly deposit, you’ll have money ready to give the next time a big fundraiser rolls around. Most of us like to support fundraising friends when they ask. Through your monthly deposits to your Impact Account, you can build up a nice little stockpile of funds to lend support to friends.

Having money available to give empowers you to say yes when you feel like inspired. It also means you can say no peacefully when the request doesn’t align with your own giving priorities.

Bad timing can be a thing of the past when it comes to giving. If you find out about a charity you’d really like to support right after the holidays (when you have just been spending a lot of cash), you will have money set aside.

Think about it as being a philanthropist at the ready. We all have something to give and we all are generous. Setting up a monthly donation makes it easier to act on it.

Finally, when you give monthly through an Impact Account, you are separating your thinking about how much to give from your focus on where to give. When you know you are automatically setting aside money each month, it’s easier to concentrate on the giving itself. Once you have set up your Impact Account, you can set it and forget it. You can be a more proactive, informed donor.

Take a bit of time to think about what types of charities you would like to give to. Or zoom out even further and ponder your personal mission and how it aligns with your charitable giving, your interests, and your goals.

With Charitable Impact, you arguably have access to the best monthly giving program out there. You have the flexibility to give to different charities and to take time to decide what causes are calling to you the most. You can review charity profiles from one place on our website and give to any of the more than 86,000 registered charities.

When you give a little each month, you can make a big impact. Because we all have something to give. Through Charitable Impact, you can quickly set up a monthly deposit to your Impact Account. It takes just a few minutes to start a lifelong generosity habit. And giving monthly means it is easily factored into your regular expenses. Add a monthly deposit today!