Stories | October 18, 2018

Give it up for peace with PeaceGeeks

Give it up for peace

What in your life would you struggle to give up for a month? Chocolate? Driving to work? Eating meat?

That is exactly what PeaceGeeks are challenging people to do – give up something they love for the whole of October as part of #GiveItUp4Peace.

Who are PeaceGeeks?

PeaceGeeks is a Vancouver-based nonprofit organization. They work with refugees, immigrants and communities at risk to build up the digital tools they need for peace and humanitarian action.

What is #GiveItUp4Peace?

#GiveItUp4Peace challenges people to give up something in order to raise money for projects that will help communities at risk use tech for peace. Started in 2015, the #GiveItUp4Peace campaign was originally launched to fundraise for Services Advisor, a web app PeaceGeeks developed in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency, which connects refugees in Jordan to vital humanitarian services like food, water and shelter. #GiveItUp4Peace was borne out of solidarity with refugees forced to give up everything due to conflict and crisis.

Where will the money go?

This year, the funds raised will go towards two projects: Pathways and Meshkat Community.

Pathways is an app that helps newcomers create a timely action plan to settle and thrive in Canada, personalized to their needs and circumstances. Your funds will support the app launch and scale it across Canada, as well as connect newcomers to people who can help them navigate their next career.

Meshkat Community empowers the next generation of digital peacebuilders to challenge violation and polarization online. They host workshops, incubation programs, collaborative networks and also run a digital hub for youth and members of at-risk communities. Your funds will help to support the Digital Peace Youth Network, set up a Digital Peace Creators Lab and enable more workshops and incubation programs.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part in the challenge, either in teams or as an individual. Many companies including Lighthouse Labs, Eventbase and Axiom Zen have teams taking part in #GiveItUp4Peace and are using Giving Groups on Charitable Impact to fundraise. So far, over $15,000 has been raised for the cause, and the goal is to raise $45,000.

It’s not too late to join in! Find out more information on PeaceGeeks and #GiveItUp4Peace.

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