Charitable Allowance: Empowering students to change the world

September 12, 2018
2 min read

Katie McCourt

Digital Content Specialist

Charitable Allowance Program

‘Imagine, for a moment, if children weren’t taught math in school…Do you think there would still be engineers? I believe the same very much applies to charity. If it’s not taught and experienced, then how is it ever fully grasped?’ – John Bromley, CEO and Founder of Charitable Impact.

Increasingly, it is more difficult to learn how to give. As a result, fewer and fewer Canadians are giving to charity. At Charitable Impact, we passionately want this to change! That’s why in October we are launching a new Charitable Allowance Program that aims to develop and empower future donors through education.

How will the Charitable Allowance Program work?

The Charitable Allowance Program will provide children in schools with a monthly allowance of $10 in their Impact Account. They can choose the charities they would like to donate their money to, encouraging them to learn about giving and find causes they care about. We all have something we want to change in the world. Charitable Allowance empowers young people to create the change they would like to see. 

What is the program’s intent?

We hope the program will educate children about charitable giving, teaching them financial literacy and exposing them to the great feeling that comes with making an impact. The ultimate goal is to encourage generosity, and inspire younger generations to give frequently and with purpose — as a lifelong practice. 

How can parents and teachers get involved?

We see a future where every child in Canada receives a Charitable Allowance. Both parents and teachers can get involved by teaching kids about your favourite causes and inspire them to want to create change.

Charitable Impact makes it easy for families to make giving a part of everyday life. Create an Impact Account for free, deposit money when you would like to give, or set up a monthly recurring donation for all your favourite Canadian charities.

Join us in nurturing the future generation’s passion for creating change!