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Birthday fundraising ideas

Birthday Fundraisers

Organizing A Birthday Fundraiser

Your birthday is coming up. Your friends and family are asking you what gifts you would like, but your mind is blank—you really have everything you need! Sound familiar?

Well, why not shake things up and use your birthday as an opportunity to create a charitable impact? We’ve put together a list of birthday fundraising ideas to help get you and your friends started on creating positive change.

5 Birthday Fundraising Ideas

Birthday Giving Group

Instead of asking friends and family for gifts, you could set up a Giving Group on Charitable Impact and ask them to make a contribution. After your birthday, you can then easily send the money to the charity, or charities, of your choice. The great thing about giving through Charitable Impact is you can take your time to find a charity that really connects with what you care about. 

Party with a purpose

Add a charitable twist to your birthday party. You could organize some games or competitions where friends have to make a donation to join in. The winner gets to choose the charity supported with the funds raised. You can easily do this online or create a fun virtual party (check out our tips on that!). 

Volunteer your time

Instead of having a birthday party, you could get all your friends together to spend a day, or even a few hours, volunteering. A number of charities offer one-off volunteering opportunities for in-person or online volunteering

Yearly charity subscription

Treat yourself, or your friend to a yearly charity subscription, and continue to give to charity month on month. You can do this by setting up a monthly donation into your Impact Account. Giving monthly will help you to make a bigger charitable impact, no matter the amount you’d like to regularly donate.

Fundraise your age

If you are looking for an ambitious fundraising target, why not try and fundraise an amount to match your age? Turning 30? Set out to raise $3,000 for a cause you care about!

Do you like to add a charitable twist to your birthday? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at @wearecharitable.

If you feel inspired to create an impact, then Charitable Impact is here for you. With our free Impact Account, you can support all of your favourite causes all in one place. Add funds to your account at any time, take the time and space to plan your impact, and then send gifts from your account to the causes you care about. Sign up for a free account today to get started!

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