2023 Year in Review

February 05, 2024
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Kelsey Janz

Here’s to you and each gift that tilted the scale toward a brighter future. 

We looked at Charitable Impact’s 2023 data and giving trends, and Canadian donors lit up every nook and cranny with their generosity. With $230M in donations and 18,087 gifts to charities, your collective impact echoed far and wide, proving once and for all that the power to make a difference doesn’t just belong to a chosen few – it’s in the hands of the many.

In 2023, we witnessed a surge of collective giving as the Charitable Impact community rallied around one another to make a difference. From raising $8.8 million through Giving Groups and Campaigns to creating 2,261 new initiatives, your dedication spoke volumes. Together, you’re a force for change, making the world brighter one dollar at a time. 

Let’s take a stroll down Generosity Lane and unpack the stories behind the numbers, celebrating the largest giving communities, the causes that stirred your hearts, and the content that resonated most. 


$230M in donations Charities received 18,087 gifts



One small act of generosity and kindness can create a ripple effect, and I want to make as many ripples as I can. –Martina Seo


Your Collective Impact

When a cause grabs hold of you and urges you to act, you better believe a crowd of kindred spirits is ready to join the charge.


“…people are waiting for an invitation to make a difference. I think that’s been my biggest eye-opener.” –Kyle Gruen


Top 5 Largest Giving Communities

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead


1. Give one hour, Children’s Hour

Parents chip in one hour of income once a year to help at-risk children.

2. Harvest Project 30th Christmas Holiday Campaign

Harvest Project reaches out to people across Metro Vancouver’s North Shore who are confronted with family trauma, illness, job loss, and the threat of poverty and homelessness.

3. 100 Women Who Care Whistler

A collective of 100 (or more) women in Whistler who support local community causes and are committed to community strength. 

4. Break the cycle

In the summer of 2023, Dr. Alex DiGiacomo cycled across Canada in solidarity with kids, teens, and parents who can’t access the psychological care they need.

5. ALS Super Fund

Supports ALS initiatives nationwide, from research funding to patient support, with the goal being to ultimately lead to breakthroughs to End ALS.


“…taking one action step in the face of uncertainty has this way of galvanizing hope, having ripple effects down the road, and building momentum.” –Dr. Alex DiGiacomo


Top 5 Causes Supported

Your motivations to give are as diverse as the causes you support. Whether driven by compassion, loss, faith, suffering or hope, the causes you care for act as a compass, guiding you to various topics and subtopics so you can direct your support where and how you want.

Here, we explore the cause categories that attracted the highest number of individual gifts in 2023.

1. Outreach

Food and clothing banks, homelessness support, disaster relief, crisis helplines, addiction and recovery, access to therapy, aid for those facing domestic violence, and more. 

2. Religion

Places of worship, religious education, humanitarian efforts, community services, interfaith initiatives, cultural activities rooted in faith, and more.

3. Education

Private and public schools, post-secondary scholarships, literacy programs, STEM education, Parent Advisory Councils, special needs education, music and art programs, and more.

4. International

Humanitarian aid, poverty, access to clean water, education access in developing countries, refugee support, human rights advocacy, disaster response, and more.

5. Health

Public health initiatives, medical research, healthcare accessibility, mental health support, community health clinics, disability support, and more. 


“I plan to capture every moment, every day, with the people I love and make them feel proud that they battled right along beside me to the end.” –Mark Kirton


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