Stories | April 26, 2022

Donors make a billion-dollar difference on Charitable Impact

You’re the hero in our story. Thank you for showing your immense generosity and building Canada’s fastest-growing giving network. 

We are so excited to share we have reached $1 billion in charitable donations on Charitable Impact—thanks to donors like you! 

One billion is difficult for the mind to process. For us, this milestone is not about a number. We are celebrating the tens of thousands of individual stories from people like you who have made Charitable Impact their place for giving. 

The main donors we see on our platform include those making significant planned gifts, those who set aside money each month towards their charitable budget, and those who use their Impact Accounts to give in response to fundraising requests from charities or friends. 

We are grateful to each and every one of the donors who have used our platform since we launched in 2011. Every action, big or small, has contributed to our becoming the fastest-growing giving network and donor-advised fund in Canada

A donor’s journey

This is just the beginning of our shared story. We continue to meet donors where they are today. We also help them evolve into the donors they may become tomorrow by providing tools for giving tailored to their needs.

This is just the beginning of our shared story.

Sometimes, this is a school-aged kid, giving for the first time and discovering the joy of contributing to something they care about. Other times, we work with donors who may have recently sold an asset and are looking to create an impact over a longer period of time while being tax effective today. As donors consider their mark on the world at the end of life and during a wealth transition, we can help plan their giving legacies

We interact with donors every day at Charitable Impact. As Canada’s donor-advised fund for everyone, we support the donor regardless of what they support, how much they give, or how experienced they are with giving. 

Many ways to give

A donor-advised fund can enable new approaches to generosity that build stronger bonds in personal relationships while impacting the world. Some donors on Charitable Impact give together with networks of other donors or with their families, making the decision on where to give more collaborative.

In just one example, Charitable Impact donor and Certified Business Coach Colin Cox involves his kids in giving by sending them a regular allowance and holding monthly meetings to decide where they would like to give. On our platform, you can send charitable dollars to another person for them to give away, creating opportunities for others to engage with and learn about giving. Another user implements a Giving Group to enable his family to connect over the causes they care about.

Case study: Giving meaningfully during a crisis

When something happens in the world, the first thought is often “how can I help?” A Giving Group can be used as a tool to pool donations to make a larger impact on a cause. In a recent stand-out example, the “Ukraine Humanitarian Group – Red Cross” Giving Group raised (so far!) more than $93,000 on Charitable Impact since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. 

This Giving Group has an inspiring story behind it: “In the late 1930s my Grandpa fled Austria, and I wanted to do something to help families fleeing Ukraine,” said administrator Kyle Gruen from Port Coquitlam, B.C.

Using a Giving Group, Gruen was able to rally his network around a cause that was meaningful to him and of concern to others around him. By getting people involved in something he already cares about, Gruen was able to create increased impact compared with giving on his own.

What’s your giving story? We would love to hear from you. Use this form to tell us why you give and we may share your story (with your expressed permission). 

What’s your giving journey?

Regardless of your own approach to giving today or where you are in your giving journey, Charitable Impact supports you as a donor. We are here if you are just defining your giving goals and how to get there, if you have a giving plan in mind, if you have a cause you would like to support, or if you would like more information on how to get started in giving on your own or within your community. 

Charitable Impact supports your giving.

Because of the flexibility of a donor-advised fund, you can become the donor you want to be. You can start from where you are. 

The donor-advised fund for everyone

Like bank accounts for charitable giving, Impact Accounts enable donors to make, view, and manage donations. Charitable Impact can process donations of cash and non-cash assets, including publicly traded securities, private company shares, real estate, life insurance, and cryptocurrency. 

Because Charitable Impact operates as a donor-advised fund, donors have the chance to donate first, then take the time and space they need to confidently create the most impact. 

Choose your path. Start small or create a giving strategy that involves a suite of charitable actions to suit your goals. Along the way, receive expert support online, over the phone, or via our mobile app. 

Charitable Impact is your place for giving. Connect with us today—no matter where you are on your giving journey. 


We again extend a heartfelt thank you for showing your generosity and donating $1 billion through Charitable Impact. This major milestone is just the beginning. We will continue to be there for you on your giving journey and help you reach your charitable giving goals. Your generosity is creating change in the world. If you haven’t already done so, join us by opening a free Impact Account today. 

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