4. Transferring funds to a client’s Impact Account

All charitable grants are processed through the Impact Account. Money cannot be transferred from a Charitable Investment Account, or any account managed by you, directly to a charity or any other qualified charitable recipient. You must first transfer funds from your accounts to our main bank account before your client can begin making grants. A signing authority at Charitable Impact must authorize all transfer recommendations.

Clients with a Charitable Investment Account

  • As needed, you will be authorized to redeem any shares needed to raise the cash to facilitate the transfer

  • Transfer cash from their Charitable Investment Account to our main bank account

Clients without a Charitable Investment Account who have donated securities

  • Redeem the donated securities at your earliest convenience

  • Transfer the resulting cash to our main bank account, minus your fees

Facilitate a transfer from the Charitable Investment Account to the Impact Account

  1. Have your client email the Philanthropic Advisory Services team at [email protected] to let them know the amount they would like transferred from the Charitable Investment Account to the Impact Account. Note: There are no minimum or maximum limits for how much can be transferred from the Charitable Investment Account to an Impact Account.

  2. Our team will coordinate the authorization from our signing authorities and send instructions to your team.

  3. Once authorized by our signing authorities, send the funds via electronic funds transfer to our main bank account. Let us know that you have initiated the transfer.

  4. Once received, we will allocate the transferred funds to your client’s Impact Account and let them know they can start granting.