Our Top-Rated Arts & Culture Charities

March 15, 2016
2 min read

Ryan Jones

The stereotype of the starving artist is a familiar one. The truth at the core of the stereotype is that artists, arts and culture foundations, and arts education programs are often underfunded, despite the good they do. Your donations help to fund important programs that provide both financial and social benefits to communities and the country as a whole. If arts and culture are important to you, we recommend that you do some research to identify a charity that works in a subject area that you believe in. A good place to start is with our list of top rated arts and culture charities below.

As always, our friends at Charity Intelligence have taken the time to provide ratings for charities across Canada and we’ve mined those ratings to find the top rated arts and culture charities below. Ratings are based on transparency, accountability, need for funding, and operating efficiency.

Banff Centre – Advanced arts education. Highly skilled artists and professionals from around the world visit the Banff Centre to produce new works of art and learn leadership skills. The Jazz Workshop was set up by multi-Grammy winning artist Oscar Peterson.

Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre – As the first Holocaust museum in North America, the MHMC works to preserve the memory of the Holocaust through artifacts, images, and video testimonies.

Royal Ontario Museum Foundation – The largest museum in Canada is overseen by this foundation, whose mandate is to provide funding to support cultural and scientific exploration through public programs.

Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and one of Canada’s premiere cultural events. The goal of the foundation is to provide artistic and cultural education and experience opportunities to the public.

UNITY Charity – Technically an education charity, UNITY uses arts and cultural instruction as means to reach out to Canadian youth and encourage non-violence and positivity. After-school programs include breakdancing, beat boxing, graffiti art, spoken word and poetry.