25 BC Charities Getting Support from CHIMP and the Walsh Foundation

March 06, 2018
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Charitable Impact Staff

Staff Editor

Header image courtesy Forest and the Femme

CHIMP has partnered up with the Walsh Foundation to give 25 British Columbia charities grants of $2,000 each. Today, we’re excited to announce the recipients.

The BC Societies Act came into effect November 28, 2016, and all registered societies are required to transition their operations to bring them in line with the new Act.

But the cost of doing so—in legal and consultant fees—can be prohibitive for some charities, coming to an estimated average of $2,000 each. That’s why we partnered with the Walsh Foundation to help out.

We’d like to thank the Walsh Foundation for their generous gift, and thank the chosen charities for the important work they’re doing. You can learn more about each charity below:

Cassie and Friends Society

The Society works to transform the lives of kids and families living with Juvenile Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. Their programs provide educational and recreational opportunities for kids and their families, plus one-on-one support for the parents of affected children, helping them work through diagnoses, flare-ups, and other difficult times.

Check Your Head

Check Your Head offers workshops and other educational support, working with youth to develop them as engaged, active citizens, on both a local and global scale. In their own words, the people at Check Your Head “facilitate the examination of institutional structures and cultural narratives that reinforce and maintain power imbalances at all levels.“

Image courtesy Down Syndrome Research Foundation

Down Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRF)

The goal of the DSRF is to improve the lives of children and young adults with Down Syndrome, and empower them to reach their full potential.  Serving over 200 families annually through one-on-one programs, the DSRF also supports the transition to adulthood through small group programs.

DreamRider Productions Society

Through live, interactive theatre, DreamRider Productions helps kids become environmentally and socially aware. DreamRider’s performances are as fun as they are educational. They also facilitate an online course, Planet Protector Academy, that works within teachers’ curriculum requirements to teach kids about responsible stewardship of the planet.

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA)

The FCA aims to help all Canadians appreciate and enjoy art via education, exhibition, and communication. They also make it their mission to educate and assist emerging artists. Established in 1941, the FCA counts 2,800 artists as members. Every two weeks, the organization holds a new exhibit showcasing Canadian artwork.

Forest and the Femme Society 

Forest and the Femme gives highly-marginalized women (trans, cis, and gender-diverse) from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community the chance to access nature. In their own words, they aim to “facilitate a sense of freedom, empowerment and self worth through contact with nature, skill building and social engagement.” Forest and the Femme especially focuses on helping women with multiple intersectional vulnerabilities, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; addiction; racial oppression; involvement in the sex trade; and mental health, physical health, and mobility barriers.

Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives Association (CJI)

By applying Restorative Justice processes, the CJI aims to resolve conflicts in their community and foster the peacemaking process. Restorative justice is an approach to justice in which victims and offenders come to an agreement for restitution together, with the help of an outside mediator. CJI pursues this by offering training, mediation services, and educational materials to individuals and organizations in the Fraser Region.

Image courtesy Hope in Shadows Inc.

Hope in Shadows Inc.

Hope in Shadows hosts an annual photography contest for and about people experiencing poverty in Vancouver and Victoria. The photos are used to produce an annual calendar, which is sold by street vendors. Not only does Hope in Shadows give low-income vendors seasonal employment, but the calendars showcase the artistry, talent, and everyday lives of people living with poverty.

Kaien Anti-Poverty Society

Based in Prince Rupert, BC, the Kaien Anti-Poverty Society offers a number of services for low income people. These include programs for children and families, after-school drop-in programs, computer and internet access, a food program, legal resources, and more.

Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

Kickstart supports artists who identify as living with a disability. This includes maintaining an online directory of artists with disabilities and facilitating exhibits. Kickstart has also partnered with the Vancouver Resource Society to find work/live spaces for tenants with disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver (LDAV)

Offering remedial teaching programs and individual support to kids and their parents, LDAV’s goal is to help children with learning disabilities grow their self-esteem and achieve academic success.

Image courtesy North Shore Mountain Bike Association 

North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA)

The NSMBA is a non-profit society that aims to preserve and make available mountain biking trails in the North Shore to all community members. Their volunteers build and maintain trails in the North Shore with help from donors and community sponsors.

Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau (LMCB)

The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau aims to make Christmas a special time of year for everyone, by distributing toys, clothes and food vouchers throughout the Metro Vancouver area. Last year, they sent out over 100,000 items to families in need.

Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society

Mom2Mom works to reduce poverty-related stress in the lives of mothers. Volunteers for the organization help secure basic necessities for households in need, and assist mothers in developing connections with their children’s families.

Multicultural Family Support Services Society (MFSSS)

MFSSS offers free, confidential services to immigrant visible minority women and women refugees who are experiencing violence in their households. The organization itself is operated by women from these communities; their bilingual, bicultural workers speak over 20 languages, and provide a non-judgemental counselling environment to women in need.

New Hope Schools Society (NHSC)

In their own words, the NHSC’s goal is to “support sustainable improvements in the life of the global poor.” One way they do this is by helping families in Haiti build locally-sourced smokeless stoves. The number one cause of death for children under five in Haiti is respiratory illness; NHSC is working to change that.

New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society

At its longest, a racehorse’s career lasts only seven years—even though they can live well into their twenties. Since, for most owners, keeping a horse that doesn’t earn money isn’t financially viable, most owners sell their “old” horses. Some retire to riding camps. Many more are sent to the slaughterhouse. The New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society finds new homes for retired racehorses and helps cover the cost of fostering them, so they can live out the rest of their natural lives in peace.

Image courtesy PACE Society Community Support

PACE Society Community Support

Based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, PACE works to improve the safety, health, and well-being of sex workers through low-barrier programming and support. As a marginalized group, sex workers are at risk of violence and discrimination. In their own words, PACE aims to give sex workers “the same rights as all other Canadian citizens including the rights to life, liberty, security of the person, and equal protection under the law.”

Port Alberni Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Helping kids in the Alberni Valley and Vancouver Island’s West Coast, the Port Alberni Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities provides occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and childhood mental health programs at no cost.


The Realwheels theatre stages productions in which disability is not a source of narrative conflict, but rather “the landscape upon which universal issues are debated onstage.” Having received numerous awards for their contribution to disability arts culture, the Vancouver-based organization aims to deepen people’s understanding of the disability experience.

Save Your Skin Foundation

With the goal of eliminating melanoma “on every level, from prevention to treatment,” the Save Your Skin Foundation works with government to affect provincial and federal policy, as well as with physicians to change patient policy and guidelines. Founded in 2006 by melanoma survivor Kathleen Barnard, the Foundation also offers one-on-one support to melanoma patients going through treatment.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA)

VOKRA takes in abandoned cats and kittens and sets them up in caring foster homes. Their no-kill policy means that every animal that comes to the organization is either a.) given a home or, if feral and resistant to being socialized, b.) released again into the the wild, and provided with food, water and health monitoring. Each year, about 1,400 animals are adopted through VOKRA.

Image courtesy Pacific Parklands Foundation

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Parks in Metro Vancouver face a number of threats: rapid urbanization, habitat loss, global warming, invasive species. A small but powerful two-person team, the PPF works in partnership with the City and other non-profit organizations to protect and preserve parks, so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Victoria Society for Children with Autism (VCSA)

The VCSA “serves, encourages, educates, supports, and inspires families in Greater Victoria who are living with children on the autism spectrum.” They provide families with monthly parent support groups, regular social activities for families, connections to the wider community of families with autistic children, and more.

Watari Counselling & Support Services Society

Operational in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside since 1986, Watari provides programs and services for street involved youth and families. In particular, they offer support to those affected by addiction and mental health issues. Watari has positively impacted thousands of youth, and continues to do so.