New name, new look!

October 21, 2019

Logo Charitable Impact

Charitable Impact

Staff Editor

CHIMP is now Charitable Impact. CHIMP has always stood for Charitable Impact. Now, more than ever, we’re putting the power of making a charitable impact front and centre. Our expanded name celebrates the power of pairing intention with meaningful action. We all want to make a change in the world, and Charitable Impact can help to make it happen.

We have some news: CHIMP is now Charitable Impact.

We have relaunched our brand with an improved user experience and optimized website. Some time ago, we set out to improve our donors' experiences and be the best platform for you. Today, the ability to give from one place, your way, with our support, is the same.

So what's new? Your CHIMP Account is now an Impact Account, with the same features you know and love, plus even more:

  • Easily create an Impact Account: As always, you can easily add money to your account, give to causes you care about, and send charitable dollars to friends and loved ones. Plus, our more powerful search engine will connect you to charities, from familiar favourites to new discoveries.
  • Give your way, with our support: Our team is always here to help you create the change you want to see in the world. We can assist in building and carrying out a personalized giving plan, including donations of all sizes and kinds (cash and non-cash assets). Reach out for support anywhere along your giving journey.
  • Build your giving network: As a notable new feature, you can now add and follow friends through our giving social network. Share information, inspiration, and giving movements with your contacts. Watch the impact of your network grow!

Thank you to our donors.

This note is also a heartfelt thanks to our donors. Charitable Impact’s growth since 2011 has all been made possible through your support. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to reflect our vision back to you.

We will continuously be working to build on and improve your experience on Charitable Impact. Our resounding message will remain: We are here for everyone who wants to create change in the world. We have seen firsthand the diversity in giving styles, passions, and interests among our own donors — who might be school-age kids cultivating small donations or entrepreneurs looking to create a giving legacy.

Every gift has value and everyone imagines a brighter future differently. It also remains that giving is universally joyful and we hope to nurture that generosity in everyone.

Beyond our new logo and optimized website, this rebrand is an opportunity for reimagining. With our support, we invite you to envision the change you would like to see.

Imagine a brighter future. Let's make it happen.