Invest in Yourself Podcast: Digital Entrepreneur John Bromley talks about Charitable Impact

April 27, 2023

Luisa Velez

Luisa Velez

Director, Corporate Communications

Looking for help with your charitable giving? At Charitable Impact, our goal is to develop more donors who feel confident and comfortable in their charitable giving. Our CEO and Founder, John Bromley, recently spoke with Phil Better from the Invest in Yourself podcast about the importance of teaching and nurturing donors.

One of the things that makes Charitable Impact unique as a donor-advised fund is that we don't just service the high net-worth market. Regardless of how much you want to give away or which charities you care about, you'll receive the same tools and service.

According to Bromley, the biggest challenge in the charity sector is that there's nowhere for donors to learn about giving. Charities are so focused on fundraising that they neglect to teach and nurture their donor base. This is a substantive and serious threat to the charity sector.

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