Green Bull Radio Podcast: Investing in Impact: The Intersection of Philanthropy and ESG

June 07, 2023

Luisa Velez

Luisa Velez

Director, Corporate Communications

Our Founder and CEO, John Bromley, talked to Kendall Titchener from the Green Bull Radio podcast about how philanthropy can become a valuable asset when engaging ESG strategies, how to streamline and humanize it, what the future looks like for ESG and Philanthropy, and why at Charitable Impact our focus is to help democratize the experience of giving.

Charitable giving is one powerful approach to generating impactful ESG strategies. As Bromley pointed out, “What we want to see for the charitable world is that, with achieving your ESG goals, whether you’re a corporation or an individual, is that charitable giving becomes a part of achieving those goals. As opposed to how charitable giving is experienced for so many of us, which is just this afterthought, (…) we want to see a world where people engage strategically with the change they’re trying to create, whether it’s ES and/or G, and understand that charitable giving and that charitable structures are a really important player in achieving those goals.” John Bromley (12:38).

As for the future, Bromley highlighted that “charitable giving is this thing for us as people and/or brands, corporations, to showcase and live out our ESG. So individually, we all have things in the world that we care about changing, and charitable giving us one way to achieve those goals. And that, I think, is where the intersection between philanthropy and ESG comes together. In other words, if you want to carry out ESG, you’ve got to be thinking about philanthropy.”(18:06)

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