Charitable Impact founder receives Community Leadership Award

May 15, 2019

Luisa Velez

Luisa Velez

Director, Corporate Communications

John Bromley recognized for bolstering Canada’s charitable sector with the country’s first fully web-based donor-advised fund

OTTAWA, ON, May 16, 2019 — John Bromley, founder and chief executive officer of Vancouver-based Charitable Impact, has been presented with the “CEO Community Leadership Award” for his role in facilitating over $520 million in charitable giving through Canada’s first fully web-based donor-advised fund (or DAF).

Awarded by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), the honour recognizes the executive leadership of an individual who has had a major impact on the creation, success and transformation of their enterprise and industry, and is representative of Canada’s next generation of high-tech business leaders. In Mr. Bromley’s case, his unique background in charity entrepreneurship has led him to found multiple philanthropic ventures, advise on and architect hundreds of charitable projects, and help facilitate more than $1 billion in charitable giving over the course of his accomplished career.

“I truly believe that giving can be an intentional and joyful part of daily life for everyone. Mr. Bromley said after accepting the award. “Our platform has been developed to provide everyone with the resources for creating change.”

Charitable Impact is a registered charity and operates as a DAF, like an online bank account for charitable giving, that allows individuals, families, organizations and businesses to make donations, receive an immediate tax receipt, and then allocate funds to charities at a later date. By signing up for a free online Impact Account — also the first of its kind in Canada — Charitable Impact donors have both the time and the web-based tools they need to make exactly the kind of impact they envision. Combined with support and expert advice from Charitable Impact's team, Impact Account holders are uniquely able to make non-cash donations of securities, real estate and even cryptocurrency. Indeed, Charitable Impact processed the first known donation of cryptocurrency to a Canadian DAF in late 2017.

“Using technology and a research-based approach to make philanthropy easier and more rewarding is a giant leap forward,” said John Reid, President and CEO of the CATAAlliance. “CATA is proud to act as an advocate for John Bromley and for Charitable Impact, to share their compelling story, and to provide a platform of programs and services to assist in fostering their growth.”

By helping thousands of donors to give more intentionally and strategically, the trailblazing platform is reversing a troubling trend: With fewer people giving to charity, and with those who do give donating less, Canada’s social-funding deficit is predicted to reach $23 billion by 2026. “Bringing this vision to life has been both incredibly challenging and rewarding,” Mr. Bromley said. “I’m constantly inspired and motivated by the charitable spirit of our donors as we develop new approaches to giving. Looking ahead to more advanced features and exciting new projects, I feel confident in our ability to provide better resources to help them build the brighter future they envision.”

The winners of the 34th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards were announced at a Gala Dinner in Ottawa on May 15. Each of the 10 recipients was celebrated for their innovation, expertise and leadership in Canada’s high-tech sector, with many using Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live Stream to broadcast the Gala to their followers in real time.

About Charitable Impact

Charitable Impact is a Vancouver-based public foundation that operates as a donor-advised fund. Since being founded in 2011, its mission has been to help donors give in the most meaningful, strategic, and cost-effective way possible.

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