#ymmfire Response Donation Button

You can help your community to donate to the #ymmfire relief effort by putting this DONATE ONLINE button on your website.

Accept Donations on your Website

This donation button will enable you to accept credit card donations through Chimp via your own website

Get Button Code

Copy and paste the code below on your website where you’d like the button to appear. We recommend having a web designer complete this step. If you need help or have any questions, contact us.

<script id="chimp-button-script" src="https://chimp.net/widget/js/loader.js?ODQ0MCxsYXJnZSxvcmFuZ2UsRm9ydCBNY011cnJheSBXaWxkZmlyZSBSZXNwb25zZSxHcm91cA%3D%3D" type="text/javascript"></script>
It should look like this when implemented