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Research | June 29, 2012

One of the biggest challenges in sport across the country is lack of funding – at all levels. Even our most elite athletes have trouble finding the money to support themselves while they train. Programs like the Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CanFund) help, as do sponsorships. But not all athletes receive high sponsorship dollars.

It’s a problem Chimp wants to help with. After all, it’s all about raising money, and Giving Groups – a major part of our platform – helps people do just that.

To see just how effective Giving Groups can be for athletes, there are a couple of London-bound Olympians who’ve already set up groups to raise money. Not only are they able to raise money through their supporters, but they get access to sponsorship dollars; the first $5,000 raised will be matched by an anonymous corporate sponsor (and more sponsorship money is in the works for additional Giving Groups).

Nikola Girke, a windsurfer, will be sending on the money she raises to CanFund, KidSport and the Vancouver Friends for Life Society.

Richard Hortness, competing with the 4x100m relay swim team, will send the money from his group to KidSport, Habitat for Humanity and Swimming Canada.

Richard Hortness's Giving Group on Chimp

Darcy Marquardt, a rower, is raising money to give to University of Victoria Athletics, Parkinson’s Society Canada, Canadian Cancer Society BC and Yukon Division, CanFund and Rowing Canada.

Each athlete’s Giving Group can help them raise money from supporters, but it also helps them connect with their fans and supporters in a fun, unique way. Nikola’s group has been up for a couple of weeks, and she’s already been updating members on her training, as well as filling them in on meeting Prince Charles! The meeting alone earned $200 for charity as a few members pledged money if she was able to pull it off.

Richard just started his group a few days ago, but he’s already getting pledges for medals – and swimming lessons!

By starting a Giving Group, athletes get to give back to their sport and community while doing something they love. They also get a do-it-yourself tool that empowers them to more easily fulfill elements of their role model status. They aren’t simply spokespeople for a particular cause; instead, they can show charitable leadership and help generate funds and awareness on a very personal level for something they care about.

As for fans joining a group, they get a new, personalized way to support and interact with the athletes who are representing their country on a world stage. It’s a win-win all around.

You can see why each Olympian chose the charities they did on their group pages, along with their goals for the London Olympics.

Check out Nikola’s Giving Group and join.
Check out Richard’s Giving Group and join.
Check out Darcy’s Giving Group and join.

Update, July 3
Another rower is raising money for her charities of choice. Support Krista Guloien’s Giving Group.

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