Watch: What is a philanthropic advisor?

May 14, 2024
3 min read

Charitable Impact

We sat down with our very own philanthropic advisors, Nicole Macdonald and Pavan Thind, to unpack what they do and why.

What is a philanthropic advisor?

Pavan: Our role as philanthropic advisors is to offer individuals with objective giving advice. 

Nicole: We help people engage with the charitable sector, whatever that might look like. 

Pavan: And that can look different for every individual depending on their unique and custom-giving needs.


What kind of advice do donors ask for?

Pavan: It can vary depending on each individual and their unique needs. Sometimes they come up with ideas of the causes they want to support, and sometimes they come in and don’t even know where to start. So it can really vary. 

Nicole: Totally. I think it’s great when people come to us with specific questions. We love to help with that. And I think more often people are wondering where to begin and how to get started. 

It’s nice to be able to work with people and build relationships. 

As we build our relationships with our clients, we’re also able to talk about more things. Not everybody is thinking about what’s going on in philanthropy and keeping up with trends and new ideas. Sometimes it’s people who come to us and have this base knowledge right away, which is so wonderful. It’s those opportunities to talk philanthropy with people that is really enjoyable.