How Traction on Demand Gives Back Using Chimp

Research | June 20, 2016

Traction on Demand is a software development and consulting company based in Burnaby, B.C., that specializes in Salesforce implementation. They’re so good at it, Chimp enlisted their services to help with our own Salesforce integration. Traction is also a model example of how to effectively integrate Chimp into a community giving program.


Traction for Good

In 2015, Traction partnered with Chimp to set up Traction for Good, a company-wide program that allows employees and the company as a whole to give back to the community. Beginning on Giving Tuesday 2015, every employee at Traction received $10 via Chimp to donate to any Canadian charity. Traction for Good also matched donations up to a total of $250 in December 2015, empowering employees to double the impact they have on causes they care about.

Enthusiasm for the program was visible immediately. Ten Traction employees maxed out the $250 matching offer; 25 more people took advantage of a portion of the available matching funds; and 77 new people joined in on the giving.

Shortly after Giving Tuesday, Traction for Good started their Holiday Giving 2015 campaign, partnering with the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia to sponsor a Syrian refugee family coming to BC. The cost to sponsor a family is $27,000, so Traction for Good offered to match donations up to $13,500 before December 31, and invited donations from both employees and customers. Amazingly, they surpassed their already ambitious goal, raising $27,490.

The Benefits of Community Giving

Traction for Good’s efforts are not just good for charities: Traction itself benefits from community giving too. Fundraising for a great cause is an excellent touchpoint for customers and showcases Traction’s goodwill and commitment to giving back; customers prefer companies that back social causes.

Additionally, Traction for Good contributes to team bonding, as staff are enabled to engage with a cause and work together to achieve a goal. Not to mention the positive feelings and sense of achievement that come with doing something good for the world.

Chimp is an asset to companies that want to give back, from small, cause-specific fundraisers, to holistic charitable giving programs. For more information on how your business can benefit from a Chimp charity program, here’s how to Get Started.

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