TOMS Lets Customers Choose Where They Want To Give

Research | April 28, 2015

TOMS is probably best known for its canvas shoes, but the company’s achievements go well beyond creating fashionable, comfortable footwear. For the last ten years, and with the help of its customers, TOMS has excelled at making a charitable impact around the world.

The TOMS Story

It was a trip to Argentina in 2006, that inspired Blake Mycoskie to found TOMS shoes and to make giving back an integral part of his company’s business model. During his travels he witnessed the hardships kids and their families had to face, such as not owning any shoes, and decided to do something to help.

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One of the first businesses to adopt the one-for-one model — you buy a product and a person in need gets the same product for free — TOMS has made charity a huge priority since the early days of the company.

“Since the beginning it has been our founder’s and the company’s vision to give back. Since his first trip to Argentina, our founder Blake has made it one of our goals to give back and help, especially children, and give customers a chance to be part of that,” says Karen Hendry, Retail Marketing Coordinator for BC and Alberta.

 With its latest line of bags benefiting maternal health around the world, the company has taken its pledge to empower customers to give back to the next level.

Instead of choosing for them, TOMS gave fans at various launch events the chance to  give to any cause they care about through a Chimp gift card!

TOMS presented the first 10 customers who bought a bag at events in Vancouver and Toronto with a charitable gift card loaded up with 20 Chimp dollars to give away to any charity in Canada.

“The gift card was a really great opportunity to bring our community together and give our customers the opportunity to decide where they want to give,” says Karen. “We haven’t done anything like that before, but we’re really thrilled about being able to let them make that choice.”

TOMS’ initiative is a great example of a company empowering its tribe to make their own charitable choices. Want to do the same for your customers? Chimp can help! Get in touch at or give us a call at 1-877-531-0580.




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