Throwing boccia balls for charity

How To | November 26, 2012

Paralympian Josh Vander Vies is a world-class boccia player. And that’s putting it mildly; the man competed in the sport this past summer in London. He agreed to come to the “Benevoland” office the other week to show us how it’s done, and before we knew it a small tournament was organized.

Fellow Paralympian Trevor Hirschfield (wheelchair rugby) joined in the fun as well, along with Olympians Nikola Girke (windsurfing), Richard Hortness (swimming) and Darcy Marquardt (rowing). Everyone teamed up and it was decided that we’d be playing for money – money for charity that is.

Check out how the day went and how much was raised:

Josh, Nikola, Richard and Darcy all set up Giving Groups before the Olympics to raise money for the communities that helped get them there. And they continue to raise money to fund their sport and the charities that are close to their hearts. You can join in and give support of your own.

Josh’s group
Nikola’s group
Darcy’s group
Richard’s group

p.s. We even got to see their medals!

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