This is why I Jump for Joy!

Research | July 13, 2016

On July 9, 2016, Chimp went out to celebrate the community at the West 4th Avenue Khatsahlano Street Party.

To amplify the positive vibes of this event, we partnered with Vancouver-based artist and photographer Eyoälha Baker from the Jump for Joy Photography Project and photographed friends, families, and individuals expressing their happiness by jumping for joy.

This wasn’t your average photo booth.

Aside from being super fun, this art project encouraged individuals to reflect on the positive aspects that brought them joy and to use it as a means to create positive change.

We asked the question “what brings you joy?” to those who visited our booth. The responses were simple, yet truly genuine.  

We’d like to thank everyone who came by our booth and gave us a little insight into what brings them happiness! We hope that you use this as inspiration to bring joy to someone in your community.

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