The Inspiration Behind The Tzedakah Project

Research | December 21, 2016

By: Ariel Jack Lewinski

I’m very proud to have been born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, and to have grown up in the nurturing and inclusive Jewish community of our great city.

After moving back to our hometown, my wife and I began looking for an opportunity to give back to our community in a meaningful way.

We were inspired to create The Tzedakah Project because as active members of our community, we felt overwhelmed by the number of giving opportunities that were presented to us compounded by having little understanding about how our gifts were actually making a difference. This environment resulted in us feeling less emotionally connected to our giving.

We’ve created The Tzedakah Project to build a vibrant, online community that rewards and celebrates giving Tzedakah together and are fortunate to have secured funding from donors who share in our vision.

Thanks to my role as Vice President of Partnerships and Growth at Chimp Technology, we have access to Chimp’s innovative giving tools which empower donors and community leaders to engage with philanthropy in a personalized way. While The Tzedakah Project is powered by Chimp, this program is exclusively managed by members of our community.

Once you join the community, what can you expect?

1. Rewards
You will receive a charitable gift as a thank you for joining and participating in our community which you can give to any charity of your choice.

2. Amplified Giving
You will receive periodic incentives in the form of additional rewards and matching to the charities you care about.

3. Storytelling
You will receive periodic stories from leaders and changemakers in our community which will help you reconnect with the importance of giving.

4. Impact Reporting
You will receive impact reporting on how the funds that we’ve raised together make a difference in our community.

Thank you for joining The Tzedakah Project community. Please like us on Facebook and invite your family and friends to participate by sharing this page.

Giving Together is Better.

Ariel Jack Lewinski,
Founder, The Tzedakah Project

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