The Hungry Games [Part 1] @ the Food Cart Fest

Research | July 29, 2013

volunteer-squad-foodtruckPhoto: #chIMPACT Volunteer Squad test the waters.

The first instalment of The Hungry Games at the Food Cart Festival brought fishing for charity to the good people of Vancouver. How it works: Be the first to catch your fish and receive Chimp dollars to give to your cause. In this first (of 3) Hungry Games the causes included

Emergency Relief (Shelters)
Food Programs (breakfast in school)
Growing + Producing (community gardens)
The Chimp team will be back at Food Cart Fest on August 25 and September 22nd bringing 2 more competitions to benefit all of Canada’s 85,000 charities.

For all of the photos of our summer of charity loving, check out Chimp’s Facebook Page.

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