Chimping Their Way To “The Big Push” For Field Hockey

Stories | March 13, 2013

I recently got the chance to meet the Men’s Field Hockey team at UBC.  They, along with their Field Hockey teammates, are in the midst of raising money for The Big Push, on their Road To Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. Inspired by a sport I didn’t know much about (yet it’s the 5th most popular sport in the world!), I decided to give personal challenges to a number of the players.

The challenges ranged from “take a picture of yourself defending something or someone” to “make me a music mix.” In exchange for completing these challenges, I “chimped” in some dollars. 

Here’s a round up of completed challenges thus far:

[DJ] Sam Jones created a special mix titled Two Birds, One Stone. 

Have a listen here.


James Kirkpatrick playing for his two teams: Major in Chemistry at UVic and forward for Men’s National Team. 


Spencer Curran, field hockey defenseman, does his job “defending” during the Junior Pan Am Cup.


Kate Gillis, Women’s National Team Forward, shared this picture of her on the field action on our Facebook page.



And Lauren Logush added this pic of her save as goalie for the Women’s Junior National Team to our Facebook Wall.


Check out the links to their giving groups to see how much they’ve raised. And as other challenge completions roll in, I’ll make sure to update this post.

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