Stories | October 25, 2017

TechPong 4.0: The Recap

TechPong 4.0 was a huge success! A big thank you to our volunteers, our sponsors, our players, and everyone who showed up to cheer on the competition.

And wow! Was competition ever fierce.

Samsung and Microsoft faced off for the finals in Doubles. In the end, Fayyaz Khan-Lodi and Parul Khara from Microsoft walked away with the trophy. Nice work!

The Singles finals were also intense:

Rally after rally after rally…

Copperleaf and ACL had a close match, but it was Rippu Gupta of Copperleaf who walked away with the title:

Now, let’s not forget the best part of all:


To be clear, the number is a little off in that image.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of TechPong participants, we were able to collect a total of


for youth and STEM education.

(Congratulations to MediaValet for collecting more funds than any other team! They raised $5200 total.)

Here are some of the charities whose important work will be funded by that money:

Altogether, we sold 625 tickets. That’s a lot of foot traffic. Shout-out to Science World for hosting this awesome event—and for shooting a ping pong ball at high velocity through a pop can:

Science rules!

There were lots of other great activations on-site. For instance, Microsoft used the power of augmented reality to introduce us all to exotic wildlife:

And Clearly’s ball pit was magical.

Evo users got a chance to win free minutes with a flick of the wrist:

Plus, free Evo valets were on-site to help Evo drivers drop off their vehicles.

Teams had a great time getting dressed up and going nuts in front of the camera Colliers’ photobooth:

Meanwhile, Stellar Recruitment and Digby, Leigh & Co. hosted a giant beer pong game upstairs:

With brews graciously provided by Parallel 49:

Let’s not forget the food. We can confidently say no-one went hungry at TechPong 4.0, thanks to Boston Pizza’s replenishing supply of slices:

And SPUD kept us stocked with nutritious snacks:

And, all night long, on the decks and on the mic, we were hosted by DJ Garzita, the Unofficial Face of TechPong:

Finally, there was some exciting news at Tech Pong this year from Bill Tam, CEO of BC Tech.

BC Tech has just established The Tech Collective:

The Tech Collective was founded to inspire and assist companies to build community impact programs, collaborate with one another on common interests/causes, and ensure the sustainability of our community’s grassroots events such as Tech Pong and Tech’s Got Talent.

Learn how you can become part of The Tech Collective.

The official The Tech Collective launch takes place Nov. 20, 2017. Join the founding members of the Tech Collective to learn more about the why what and who behind the initiative. We will present the first opportunity for The Tech Collective members to collaborate on a project in partnership with Technovation to increase our impact together.

These are just a few of the people and companies that made TechPong 4.0 a giant success. Thanks again to all attendees, sponsors, players, and volunteers. You did great work.

Now, start practicing your serves. TechPong 5.0 is only a year away….

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