Take the COVID Charity Challenge to support the causes you care about

May 11, 2020
8 min read

Greg Sawers

Community Engagement Specialist

Charity challenge

Can you show us your skills? We are giving away $10 charitable dollars to anyone who completes the #COVIDCharityChallenge. We have already been joined by a few soccer pros. Can you match them? 

At Charitable Impact it’s our aim to support you in becoming better at giving, whatever that looks like to you. We see sport as one way to meet our donors where they are. It’s also a big part of some of our lives here at Charitable Impact.

For athletes and non-athletes alike, we wanted to provide a way to give back while gaining some skills. As a result, we have created the COVID Soccer Charity Challenge (#COVIDCharityChallenge) and are giving $10 charitable dollars to anyone who participates.

Up for the challenge?

We’re challenging you to juggle a soccer ball (two knees and two feet required), do a headstall for a few seconds, or do an around-the-world. The last one takes some impressive skill. 

Keep in mind, we are open to anyone and everyone trying out these moves. Don’t have a soccer ball? Try it out with something else around the house. Ben Fisk, a professional player with Atlético Ottawa, did a good job of showing how anything goes because we are all doing our best to stay home…  


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Let’s spread some love during these crazy times! ❤️ If you post a video attempting my head stall challenge, my friends at @wearecharitable will send you $10 to donate to the Canadian charity of YOUR choice💸. Here’s how to play along: 1. Take a video of you balancing something on your head for at least 5 seconds, and post to your feed or story 🎥 2. Tag @wearecharitable and hashtag #covidcharitychallenge 📝 3. Nominate your friends to do the same 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾 4. After posting your video, send a DM to @wearecharitable with your email and they will send you $10 to donate to any Canadian charity 🎁 I challenge these guys to get this spreading around 👀@merlinfisk @escherfisk @trainlikeanathlete.ca @davepuhky @ben.mckendry @callumirving1 @samuelpiette @nikledgerwood @nateybird1 @marcushaber @93doneil @marcobustos10 @marcel91011 @11issey @kayawuah @manuaparicio @dylancarreiro @petrasso20 @allanzebie @aleriggi11 @henry_cromack8

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Among others, we have also been joined by Major League Soccer player Joel Waterman and Sportsnet’s very own Scott Rintuol. We hope these videos can inspire you to make a difference for a cause you care about. Seeing the soccer pros do their thing has even inspired frontline heroes to take a try, like Katie Saint-Cyr who is a nurse at Burnaby Hospital.


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Super excited and humbled to help my friends at Charitable Impact raise money for charities across the country!!💪🏻❤️ Please, 1. Complete the challenge – foot, foot, knee, knee, catch 2. Tag @WeAreCharitable in your video 3. Nominate at least 3 friends to do the challenge in your video 4. If you live in Canada, follow and DM @WeAreCharitable your email and they will send you $10 after completing the challenge to give to the charity of your choice in 🇨🇦 I would like to nominate my family from coast to coast @elijahadekugbe @kasian_23 @tofafakunle @mcarducci96 @davidnorman_jr @jomeppelink @noah_verhoeven @kyle.walton5 @victor.loturi @camaramamadi @marcushaber @kaelonfox08 @codyfransen @rachelsydor @brittzacharuk @nicbolder @carlimarie7 @jennnnab @kaelybiring @vaggelib @samuelpiette @domenicpoletto @lyndonrebello Let’s raise some money💰💰💰 #CovidCharityChallenge #soccertrainingforkids

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Instagram post of someone doing the COVID Charity Challenge

Thanks to the Martin Family Empowerment Foundation anyone who completes the challenge will earn $10 Charitable Dollars to give away to any Canadian registered charity. 

Show us your skills and earn charity dollars to give away. Watch the video below to learn more about how to make a difference in your community today!


COVID Charity Challenge from Play Better on Vimeo.

Ready to take the challenge?

Participant Rules: Complete the challenge and earn $10 charitable dollars.

  1. Post your video doing the challenge in your Instagram stories: Tagging @wearecharitable and nominate three friends
  2. Keep the challenge going! Make sure your friends nominate their friends and tag @wearecharitable.
  3. Follow and DM @wearecharitable your email address to get $10 charity dollars to give away

The only way to improve your skills is to put in the work. The only way to make change in the world is to start helping now. So are you ready to take the challenge?

Let’s do this!

Here’s what others have to say about how much they have enjoyed the challenge:

“Fantastic opportunity to give back during this challenging time.” – Marcel Eugene, Kindergarten Teacher

“We are about being better players, and helping others.” – Ben Walton, U11 Falcons Soccer Players.

“It’s a super cool initiative and I’m so happy to be a part of it.” – Joel Waterman, Montreal Impact Defender