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How To | September 24, 2014

Canada’s magnificent wilderness and natural diversity are invaluable assets that have shaped our culture, economy and lifestyle. In this light, climate change — the biggest threat to our natural resources — has become an increasingly pressing and personal issue to many Canadians.

On September 21, thousands took to the streets to make themselves heard in cities all over Canada and around the world as part of the People’s Climate Marches.

If you’re looking for other impactful ways to show your support for climate action, consider giving to or fundraising for an environmental charity.

Not sure which charity you’d like to support? Search Chimp to find a match or have a look at this small selection of organizations and people that do outstanding work in battling climate change and preserving our environment for generations to come:

logos-01WWF Canada

World Wildlife Fund is one of Canada’s largest conservation organizations.

Their programs cover a wide range of conservation work — from field work to changing government policy. Fighting illegal wildlife trade and battling climate change through renewable energy mapping projects, are just two examples of the fantastic work WWF does in conserving Canada’s natural resources.

You can give to WWF Canada’s work through its Chimp charity page.

logos-02David Suzuki Foundation

Most Canadians are probably familiar with this charity and the exceptional work it does to create a sustainable Canada.

To battle climate change, this charity is developing a nation-wide clean, renewable energy plan for Canada and encourages improved provincial climate policies through its Race to the Top campaign. Also, check out its extensive resource database on how to go carbon neutral at home and at work.

Give through the David Suzuki Foundation’s Chimp page to support this work.

Lydia’s Giving Group for Green Teams of Canada

Lydia Berman rode ride her bike from Victoria to Calgary and hiked 300 kilometres reaching 15 mountain peaks along the way, all to to raise awareness and funds for Green Teams of Canada.GG_Climate-Change3

This BC-based charity restores, conserves and enhances ecosystems to preserve habitat and wild species. Its programs include invasive plant removals, planting of native plants and trees, picking up litter or volunteering at non-profit educational farms.

Support Green Teams’ work through Lydia’s Giving Group, her own personal fundraising page.


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