Soon, there’ll be a new Chimp in town

Research | May 31, 2012

We’ve been busy little monkeys the last few months, talking to Chimpers, finding out how you use the site and incorporating all the feedback into a new, improved and redesigned Chimp.

What’s new
The look and feel of the site. You can get a sneak peek of what it looks like above, and in more images below. We’ve been working to define the Chimp brand on a number of levels, and this is how it’s starting to take shape visually.

What’s improved
The general experience and use of the site. Through email and phone conversations, you told us that you appreciated how easy it was to add money to your funds and give it away. So we’ve made sure that same ease of use is carried through to raising money in Giving Groups, finding answers to questions you might have, managing your account, etc.

The roll out
Over the next little while, we’ll be finalizing details and testing to make sure everything’s as smooth as it can be for the reveal. We’re thinking of this redesign as a move from “private beta” to “public beta,” so that means your feedback is still important and welcome. You can always email us with comments, questions or concerns at

During Chimp’s private beta phase, 3,000+ people have signed up with the site and given away more than $2 million to about 900 charities. A big thanks to our early Chimpers for your participation and your feedback; we’ve listened and hope you like the changes.

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