Raising money to develop young Ryders

Stories | May 31, 2012

More and more people are starting to get into the swing of things with Giving Groups on Chimp. Lots of individuals, families and companies are coming up with some great ways to raise money for particular causes or charities they care about.

John Henry Bikes is a fun example. They recently started a Giving Group to raise money for the development of cycling in Canada – a sport obviously close to their hearts. They’re even taking their group up a notch by matching the money people give to it – up to $25,000! That’s a lot of coin for their cause.

Basically, anyone can join the group and give money to it. Every day or so, John Henry Bikes looks to see how much was given that day, and then they match it, giving the same amount. When they reach their max amount they set of $25,000, the plan is to give the entire $50,000 to the Canadian Cycling Association, who will then use the money to improve training facilities, pay coaches, and stage races.

Doubling their charitable impact, not their efforts
In the traditional world of charity, JHB would’ve cut a nice, big cheque to the CCA for $25,000 and called it a day. It’s a great donation to receive, for sure. But by setting up this group and offering to match money given to it, they actually get to double the impact of their $25K. That’s some smart, effective giving.

The timing of the group is quite serendipitous. They were already making plans to set it up when Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro D’Italia. It’s the first time a Canadian has won such a prestigious race, so that alone is helping to pique people’s interest in the sport.

The group is actually called Operation Build More Ryders. If you have an interest in cycling, or just like the idea of giving kids another sport to choose from and get involved with, join the group and give.

Have an idea for a Giving Group of your own? Create one here. (And don’t worry, you don’t need to raise $50,000 to make an impact.)

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