Stories | May 10, 2022

QUIZ: Which giving style suits you best?

Take our short online interactive quiz to find out how you can give in a way that suits you.

It’s possible you have never thought much about the how of your giving. Now is your chance. Giving your way can feel a bit more like—well—you. Answer just 6 quiz questions to uncover which giving style might resonate most. 

How do your altruistic preferences and even your personality affect the giving choices you make? For decades, social scientists and researchers have dived into this question.

Giving charitably can be a complex decision involving financial planning, personal values, and connection to others. And, there are many ways to give.

Since we operate as a donor-advised fund, on Charitable Impact you can give to one or multiple charities, give anonymously or share your contact information with charities, give together with friends, or send charitable dollars to loved ones, and more (talk to us and further explore your giving options). 

Based on 4 main giving types revealed by our own surveys of donors, we want to help you discover giving that most suits your style. Knowing your own tendencies and traits can help identify ways of giving that bring satisfaction and joy.

Because everything is a bit more fun when you get to be yourself, we want to offer a few ideas that might empower your giving journey.

Take our fun 1-minute quiz now!

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