Practicing what we preach

Research | October 26, 2011

At Chimp, we share an office and a leader with Peer Giving Solutions. Both organizations facilitate charity online in an increasingly web-based world. You know what Chimp does already; and Peer Giving helps their charity clients raise awareness, support and funds through the power of community and storytelling.

John Bromley is the CEO of both companies and believes in generosity. So he offers charitable corporate matching for both sets of employees. Every month, he matches donations made by the employees through Chimp up to $50. There are 30 people working for both Chimp and Peer Giving, and 26 people take advantage of the automated matching program. Thousands has been donated by the employees of Chimp and Peer Giving and thousands matched, all to the benefit of the charities each employee chooses to support.

John will also chimp* employees for their time spent volunteering in the community. He pays $15 per hour volunteered, up to a max of $50 per month.

Some employees have even set up their own groups through Chimp to raise money for causes that they’re involved with. Office coordinator, Erin Dexter, for example invited people to join her group to raise $1,000 for REED (Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity) by doing a “Ride for Refuge.” She raised 75 percent of the money in a single day, and the rest soon followed.

The good Karma is really starting to stack up around the office! How does your company reward charitable giving and community involvement?


*Chimp: (v) to send money to someone’s Chimp Fund

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