How to Organize a Hockey Pool for Charity

How To | October 3, 2014

It’s that time of year: when mornings are crisp, leaves change colour, and hockey starts up again. Before the puck drops on a new season, bring together your family, friends, and colleagues for some hockey pool fun.

This season, instead of the prize money going to the winner, let the winner send the hockey pool funds to charity. While we might not be able to help you with your draft choices, we can help you feel better about hockey — even if your team doesn’t win.

Here’s how you can pool money for charity this season:

  1. Start a Giving Group on Chimp. It’s easy and can be up in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Invite everyone participating in the pool to join the group.
  3. Set the buy-in amount and ask participants to donate that into the group. Plus, everyone gets a tax receipt.
  4. Use your favourite fantasy hockey league site (like ESPN or Yahoo!) to draft players and track points throughout the season.
  5. After a season of stats, scores, and shots on goal, the pool winner sends the money raised to the charity of their choice.

Keep things fun with charitable bets and challenges throughout the season. The winner of each bet or challenge for the week can send their “winnings” to the charity of their choice. Here are a couple ideas to get you thinking:

Charitable Bets
    • Will the Jets make the playoffs?
    • Who will be the top rookie?
    • Who will be the first coach fired?
    • Which team will win the Stanley Cup?
Charitable Challenges
    • Chimp money into the group anytime one of your draft picks gets injured. At least charity can benefit from the injury…
    • Challenge each other to head-to-head battles every week. Pick a stat (like goals, assists, hits) and try to outdo your opponent that week.

Kick off the season and draft your players with charity in mind!

Not a hockey fan? No problem — a Giving Group can be used for any fantasy sports league that you’re part of!

Need a hand starting a Giving Group? Get in touch and we can help!

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Photo credit: Kenny Louie

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