5 Engaging Fundraising Ideas for the Office

April 25, 2019
6 min read

Charitable Impact

Think outside of the donation box.

Looking for fresh internal engagement initiatives to shake things up at the office? Say hello to workplace fundraising.  Organizing an office fundraising event for charity is a chance for your team to create real change while building an unbreakable bond along the way.

According to the 2021 What Canadian Donors Want survey, conducted by the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy–Canada, almost 90% of respondents are itching to donate in the next year. So, it’s safe to say that your colleagues are probably eager to raise money and awareness for important causes, and there are lots of creative and engaging ways to do it. Here are a few tips to help you get the fundraising ball rolling.


Coordinating a fundraising event 

Coordinating a workplace fundraising event may sound like a daunting task—but you’ve got this! With a little planning and organization, it can be a blast for everyone involved. First, choose a charity that your team is passionate about. If your company already has a connection with certain charities, those are an obvious choice. Or, you can take a poll among your colleagues to see which causes tug at their heartstrings and find a local charity supporting that cause.

Next, pick a date and time that doesn’t clash with any major office happenings, and send out a snazzy calendar invite to everyone in the company. Before you hit that send button, do a quick double-check:

Are there any federal or religious holidays that might rain on your fundraising parade? Any fancy conferences or tradeshows your company is attending that could steal the spotlight? Don’t forget about those hybrid work schedules—make sure your event works for everyone, whether they’re at the office or tuning in from home.

Lastly, decide if you need any helping hands on the day itself. If you do, reach out to a few colleagues early on, so they can RSVP and join your fundraising squad.


How to engage your team to fundraise

Engaging employees in workplace fundraising is crucial to a successful campaign. One clever strategy is to tailor the event to their interests. Got some marathon enthusiasts on your team? Lace up your running shoes and organize a 5K. Are there bookworms among you? Set up a read-a-thon and let the pages turn.

And don’t forget the power of incentives! Spice up the fundraising game by offering prizes or recognition certificates to those who participate. A little friendly competition never hurts anyone—your team will love it.

Clear and consistent communication is key. Keep your coworkers in the loop about the event’s goals, timeline, and the impact their fundraising efforts will have. When they feel connected and informed, they’ll be pumped up to make it a success.


5 easy and engaging workplace fundraising ideas

If you are looking to raise money for a cause that you care about in your workplace, then setting up a Giving Group on Charitable Impact is a great place to start! With a Giving Group, you’re able to set a fundraising goal, track your progress, and keep coworkers in the loop. Watch your collective impact grow and invite your friends and family on social media to join you in making a difference together.

Here are some ways that you can use a Giving Group to raise money with your co-workers.

Pizza lunch

Brighten up everyone’s lunch hour by organizing a pizza lunch. In exchange for a slice, ask for donations of $5 into your Giving Group. No one can resist the smell of pizza, so it’s a sure bet that you’ll raise some money for a good cause! Plus, by using a Giving Group everyone gets a tax receipt for their donation!


Hosting a baking competition is always a good way to raise money—and get your hands on lots of tasty treats in the process. Encourage your co-workers to donate $10 to your Giving Group to enter the baking contest. Whoever bakes the tastiest treats wins the contest and can decide which cause to send the money to.

Day-off raffle

Organize a raffle and offer an extra day off as the prize! To be in for a chance of winning, ask for donations of $20 into your Giving Group. Or, give the option for people to donate multiples of $20 to improve their odds of winning!

Waffle Wednesdays

Is there a better way to start the day than with freshly baked waffles? Host a Waffle Wednesday morning in your office, and get your co-workers to buy a freshly baked waffle by making a $5 (or more!) donation into your Giving Group.

Donate your coffee

How much money do you think your office could raise if everyone agreed to donate the cost of their morning coffee for a week or even a month? Here in the Charitable Impact office, it would definitely add up to a lot…

Car wash

Make a splash for a good cause. Assemble your car wash crew, scout out a spot, and gather your sponges and hoses. Set a date, spread the word, and plan to offer a range of car wash packages that will have vehicles shining like new. Every donation received will steer you closer to your fundraising goal..

Trivia night

Round up your trivia teams, pick a cool venue, and choose an outgoing coworker to be the trivia host. Charge an entry fee or ask for donations per correct answer. End the night with gratitude and reveal how much money was raised for charity.