How To | April 25, 2019

Our top five office fundraising ideas

Office Fundraising

If you are looking to raise money for a cause that you care about in your workplace, then setting up a Giving Group on Charitable Impact is a great place to start!

Giving Groups enable you to invite friends, family, co-workers and social networks to join you in making a difference together. After all, when we join together, we can maximize our impact.

Here are some ways that you can use a Giving Group to raise money with your co-workers:

Pizza Lunch

Brighten up everyone’s lunch hour by organizing a pizza lunch. In exchange for a slice, ask for donations of $5 into your giving group. No one can resist the smell of pizza, so it’s a sure bet that you’ll raise some money for a good cause!

Bake Off

Hosting a baking competition is always a good way to raise money, and get your hands on lots of tasty treats in the process. Encourage your co-workers to donate $10 into your Giving Group to enter the baking contest. Whoever bakes the tastiest treats wins the contest, and can decide which cause to send the money to.

Yolo Day Raffle

Organize a raffle and offer an extra day off as the prize! To be in for a chance of winning, ask for donations of $20 into your Giving Group. Or, give the option for people to donate multiples of $20 to improve their odds of winning!

Waffle Wednesdays

Is there a better way to start the day then with freshly baked waffles? Host a Waffle Wednesday morning in your office, and get your co-workers to buy a freshly baked waffle by making a $5 (or more!) donation into your Giving Group.

Donate your morning coffee

How much money do you think your office could raise if everyone agreed to donate the cost of their morning coffee for a week, or even a month? Here in the Charitable Impact office, it would definitely add up to a lot…

Do you feel inspired to organize an office fundraiser, and create an impact with your co-workers? You can open an Impact Account for free, and set-up a Giving Group in minutes. Sign-up for a free account today to get started!


If you feel inspired to create an impact, then Charitable Impact is here for you. With our free Impact Account, you can support all of your favourite causes all in one place. Add funds to your account at any time, take the time and space to plan your impact, and then send gifts from your account to the causes you care about.

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