How a Monthly Giving Plan Makes You a More Empowered Spender

How To | March 2, 2015

Whenever we spend money, we have the power to act on our values. By choosing one company over another, we essentially vote with our dollars.

Every month, we spend money on housing and food and other essentials — often handing over our hard-earned income to companies that don’t necessarily align with our values.

What if we could do the same for causes we believe in? By budgeting money to give to charities and causes that match our values, we can feel good about where (at least some of) our money goes, and actively create a better world.

How to Set Up Your Monthly Giving Plan

Here’s how to power your values-based spending with a monthly giving plan.

  1. Set a giving goal: Setting goals makes it more likely that you’ll achieve your objectives, and can help keep you on track throughout the year. Decide how much you’d like to give to charity this year, and set your giving goal.
  2. Create an automatic monthly donation: If you’d rather not have to remember to donate monthly, you can set up an automatic monthly donation, the same way you set up automatic monthly bill payments. Every month, the amount you choose will be deposited into your Chimp account. Then, you can either give it to charity right away, or save it up over several months to give away when you’re ready.
  3. Choose a cause or causes: Once you’ve got your goal in place, decide to whom you’ll give your money. You can give to one charity or multiple charities, to specific fundraising campaigns, or even to friends and family so that they can join you in giving. Search for charities and Giving Groups on Chimp.
  4. Track your impact: Your Chimp account lets you track how much you’ve given, and to whom, throughout the year. It also keeps all your tax receipts in one place, so you can easily tally your impact at tax time.

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