Modelling generosity for students (guest blog)

Research | April 17, 2012

I wish I owned a t-shirt that says “I tithe online” so that when I pass by the offering plate people would know that I do give to my church, just not on Sunday morning.

That being said, I believe modelling stewardship and generosity to students as a regular fixture of pastoring them is vital to their growth as young Christians. High school students need to understand that while they feel that what little they have can make very little difference overall, stewardship and generosity involves more than just our treasure (money) but also our time and talent as well.

I remind students that chances are they have more time than money and what they do with that is their choice, but is ultimately a form of worship. We need to help students find ways to give, even a small amount; and help them understand the impact that it can have when many give (even small amounts), big things happen.

This is why we have been talking about Chimp Fund at our youth group lately. It’s been tremendous to see students gifting money to one another with the purpose of empowering their friends to use that money to bless other organizations and charities. Students are able to support causes they believe in and encourage friends, parents, classmates to do the same.

If you work with students, see what Chimp could do for them and developing their passion towards living a generous life.

– Geoff Stewart

Geoff Stewart is the Youth Pastor at Peace Portal Alliance Church in Surrey, BC, where he oversees Journey Student Ministries. This blog has been reposted with his permission. You can find his original post here

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