Meet Your Client Success Team: Christian Mosley

How To | August 11, 2015

Whether you’re a charity, company or individual fundraiser, if you’ve got a question about how best to change the world through charity, Christian Mosley is here to help.

Chimp’s Client Success Team Lead will help you craft a solution that’s right for you with the quiet confidence of someone who’s been on both sides of the fence. And that’s because he has. Christian has run his own business, he’s consulted to charity and he’s fundraised for causes he cares about. So chances are, he’s got some insight into your unique needs.

Here’s your chance to learn a little more about Christian before you give him a call.

Meet Christian MosleyChristian

Christian has worked with Chimp for a year and a half.

Nickname: Moose or Moses

What brought you to Chimp?

I wanted to be part of something unique, something that was striving to make an impact in the world. I was exposed to Chimp through its (former) sister company Charity Express, and when the opportunity arose to join the Chimp team, I was super excited to jump on it. I had learned about its story and ambition, and it was something I knew I had to be part of.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Working with people from all different backgrounds — charities, changemakers and companies — and helping them achieve their charitable goals.

What project are you most proud of?

Clara’s Big Ride. It was a cross-company initiative that really brought the Chimp team together in its early days. It was a good opportunity to work collaboratively. And it was our first national initiative working with Bell and charities all over the country. I loved seeing the impact of the ride itself and being able to support that, plus hearing all the different stories from the charities, companies, and fundraisers. I like connecting different changemakers from different sectors. It uncovers new opportunities and allows for innovation.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to your desk every morning?

I check Slack to see what GIFs Jeff has posted (every office has a Jeff right?) Then I settle in and get a grasp on the day and what’s ahead. I check in with the team and go from there.

What cause is most meaningful to you and why?

I’m heavily involved with the Save Your Skin Foundation. I was diagnosed with melanoma last summer and working at Chimp really directed how I responded to that. All the info online was pretty scary so instead I just Googled “skin cancer charity” and got some phone numbers. The executive director from Save Your Skin called me back the next day. Long story short, I wanted to turn my experience into a positive thing and find a way to help others. Based on my experience at Chimp they asked me to join their board. So now I’m apart of a great team that helps connect people with treatments that they don’t have in their own province.


I also like to support veterans, especially those who are transitioning to civilian life. As a member of the Royal Canadian Navy and a civilian, I feel like I can speak the languages of both worlds and help find similarities. I’ve helped a lot of friends with their resumes and organizations with their fundraising strategies.

What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

Sailing in the summertime. Skiing in the winter.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I’m really into minimalism, and I think it would be around the way we value consumption. I would like to see a shift from the current way we do things toward asking ourselves when we buy things how it adds value to our lives.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.


I went to art school after high school and studied applied arts. At 20 years old, I started a consulting business with some friends called Monkeys and Robots Media. But after awhile I wanted more adventure, so I started to look into the navy and decided to pursue two careers simultaneously. Later I transitioned into Client Success.

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