March 20th is Macaron Day

Stories | March 18, 2013

Macaron Day: yes it’s a real thing!


To celebrate, a local macaron company created an irresistible charitable campaign, with lots of sweet impact. So far, orders have raised more than $3,000 towards their $5,000 goal. We sat down with Kitchening‘s co-owner, Daniel Wintschel,  to learn more about Macaron Day, macarons and how they are using Chimp to power their charitable efforts.

Chimp:  Tell us about Kitchening. 

Daniel WintschelKitchening & Co. is a small, family run business based out of Langley. Our general premise is that Good Food Brings People Together. Our focus is really on making delicious products from all natural ingredients, and finding ways to be involved in and create community in the Lower Mainland.

Ch: What is the history of Macaron Day?

DW: Macaron Day was created several years ago by Pierre Hermes and a few others out of Paris. The general premise was that you would come into the shop, receive a free macaron, and in turn make a donation to a charity.

Ch: What is Kitchening’s inspiration for creating this campaign?

DW: Macaron day seemed like a natural fit. We have to be a bit more creative in our charitable efforts because we don’t have a retail location, so we thought we’d take advantage of social media and our online presence to try to participate and raise funds in a different way. Edible Canada and Urban Fare have been great to allow us to use their locations as hubs for this.

Ch: What charities will this campaign support?

DW: We’re going to split the money raised three ways between Mission Possible, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and Linwood House.

Ch: How is Kitchening using Chimp? Why did you choose to use Chimp for this?

DW: We wanted to use a tool that allowed us to track a goal and see progress, and allow the broader community to see exactly what’s happening. I also wanted everyone who contributed to be able to do it in a way that they could receive a tax receipt for their gift. In Canada, I don’t know of any platform aside from Chimp that gives me the kind of power and flexibility that I want when running a small campaign like this.

Ch: If you could only pick one flavour, what would it be? 

DW: I’ve been known to be a bit of a bacon lover – long before everyone else in the world. We do up a bacon salted caramel that right now exclusively carried at Edible Canada on Granville Island – I’d probably take that one. Toasted coconut is a close second.

Ch: Where can you buy Kitchening macarons?

DW: Our macarons are available at about ten stores throughout the Lower Mainland. Urban Fare, Edible Canada, Stongs, Gourmet Warehouse, Save on Foods at Park & Tilford.

Ch: If someone wants to participate, what should they do?

DW: Go to, order some macarons and make a donation. Tell your friends!

Before you go, watch some macaron making in action on Go! Vancouver

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