How To | February 6, 2017

Making the Next Generation Generous: Charitable Allowance

There are a lot of ways to use the Chimp platform to make a difference. Lots of people use it like a bank account to give to a charity close to their hearts. Groups use it to fundraise for a common cause. Even bigger movements unite groups into campaigns that can help multiple charities and people around the world. But let’s talk about a new way to use Chimp: Charitable Allowance.

When I was a kid, an allowance was $5 on Sunday in return for doing my chores. In 2017, Chimp Charitable Allowance is being used in schools as a way to help kids understand the importance of giving back. It works like this:

Step 1: Students receive charity dollars each month in their Chimp Accounts.

Step 2: Teachers facilitate a conversation between students, their peers, and their families to decide what they care about and select a charity.

Step 3: They give the allowance to the chosen charity.

Step 4: Students share their giving stories and interact directly with representatives of the charities they support.

In Practice

Four Jewish day schools in Vancouver are using Charitable Allowance to teach kids the value of Tzedakah (charity). The 170 participating students receive $18 each month.

At Vancouver Talmud Torah, grades 5 and 6 donated over $1,200 to a fire station in Haifa, Israel. They skyped directly with the firefighters and received a personalized video from them thanking them for their support. It was a great opportunity for the students to see the real impact of giving back to something important.

So far, over $7,800 has been sent to charities from kids learning that they can make a difference and the program continues to grow.

To start a Charitable Allowance program at a school in your neighbourhood or to learn more, contact [email protected].

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